Teachers ‘walking on eggshells’ in fear of ending up in court like Enoch Burke thetimes.co.uk/article/c7fde1…

Oh for heaven’s sake! Call children what they want to be called and get on with teaching (including how to be a kind and considerate human being)… twitter.com/TheMoominmama/…

@tomdoorley I’m a teacher, I’m a woman. I refuse to teach and acknowledge that reality is anything other than just that. Women are women and men are men. It is not possible to change sex. We need to teach a broad acceptance of difference within the realm of reality.

@CathYeuxVerts I'm not asking you to do that. Just call children by the names they prefer and be kind.

@tomdoorley @CathYeuxVerts I much prefer to live my life by the mantra "have integrity" than "be kind". And I do not feel it is in anyway helpful to confused young people long term to engage in the fallacy that humans can change sex. Are you aware of the Cass Report Tom?

@cuntasoir @CathYeuxVerts I'm perfectly happy with my integrity, thank you, and I believe that being kind, considerate and empathetic is our first duty as developed, mature and well-rounded human beings. Especially when it comes to interacting with children and other vulnerable people.

@tomdoorley @CathYeuxVerts "Be kind" is such an overused term now it's meaningless. If it should apply to everyone then why is it only girls clothing that is targeted? I understood the term as a kid in the context of "share your sweets".

@tomdoorley @CathYeuxVerts Now it's synonymous with "shut up and let your boundaries be eroded or you're a Brit transphopic c**t". Being "kind" does not mean acceding to everything children want. You haven't answered my question either, are you aware of the Cass review?