I don’t normally push agendas but… is Howell the guy ? 😳 #HTTC

@cxlebjxstin He was special in 2020 - fell off a lot in 2021 - could be due to weapons and OL issues. I think you guys got a steal with him. Such a low risk for a potential very high reward.

@queens_guy i agree. even when he had a down year he added his rushing ability to elevate his skill set

@cxlebjxstin I absolutely love this pipe dream. Can I use your lighter? 😂😎🤌

@cxlebjxstin Lennyfrigginleno, you changed your profile pick Re-look at those stats and sit back and imagine the talent gap where one of those guys is the 1st overall pick and in a much shittier draft the other is a 5th

@cxlebjxstin Yeah because college state define a prospect lol…

@chisports94 it did for burrow, trevor, watson, and lamar