I’ve got big plans but none of them feel like mine 🖤 Thank you @G_Eazy for sharing this song with me. smarturl.com/xbreakdown

@ddlovato @G_Eazy @ddlovato Hey girl your a huge inspiration to me. I love a lot of your songs. Your an amazing person and performer! You are my idol! I hope to ine day meet you or at least ho to a concert. One of my fav song the brings me tears that's yours is:Dancing Wiith The Devil!

@joelygabs @ddlovato @G_Eazy Fr I was like "hmmmm I've seen this, before" lol

@ddlovato @G_Eazy Did we just forget what he did to Halsey? What the fuck?

@ddlovato @G_Eazy Demi you survived my son did not. He died of fentanyl poisoning. you helped with eating disorders please help with #fentantylawareness you’re lucky you survived ! Please help us get the word out !

@mel_hat @ddlovato @G_Eazy No one's forgotten about it. G-Eazy simply took full responsibility for it and got help. He's now on good terms with Halsey. What he did was wrong but let's learn to forgive people who have changed instead of canceling them.

@mommasboyforeva @ddlovato @G_Eazy I'm sorry for your loss. I have so many friends & family battling this addiction. We have lost so many in area I'm from. One friend fixing to get out of treatment, but the only places to home plan to she is surrounded by people using it. I keep praying. It's an awful drug