“If hurt people can hurt people, then that means healed people can heal people” 🤍 This week I sat down with @justinbaldoni on #4DWithDemi to talk about masculinity & femininity, trauma Response, and the Bahai Faith. linktr.ee/4DwithDemi

@ddlovato @justinbaldoni Imam Hussain Arbaeen is a meeting place for waiting people. From every generation, race and culture, Waiting for the Savior #Arbaeen2021

@m_m_moghaddam @ddlovato @justinbaldoni بیا پایین بچه کسشر نگو سرمون درد گرفت

@ddlovato @justinbaldoni i love you so much demi!! you keep me living🖤🖤

@ddlovato @justinbaldoni Two of my favorite people ❤ can't wait to get home and watch this