With so many fights to fight, @CoriBush shared her secret on how she does it. 🤍 Cori, thank you for sharing and for being an inspiration. Listen to the new episode of now! 🎧 linktr.ee/4DWithDemi

@ddlovato @CoriBush I didnt understand a thing she said but what she said and meant yeaaa...🥲

@ddlovato @CoriBush PLS FEATURE MORE PROGRESSIVE POLITICIANS AND ON-THE-GROUND ACTIVISTS this episode was great and I'd love to see more like it!

@ddlovato @CoriBush Demi I would love to host you on my new Unidentified-S4 UFO PODCAST Will you join me in a cool discussion on our extraterrestrial friends. You will be a honored guest I would love to have you on.