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@ddlovato @SIRIUSXMHits1 @MorningMashUp @SIRIUSXM Perfect! My sister and I love you and we want to meet you! We couldn't buy the ticket... take us to your concert in São Paulo 🙏🏻🎸💙

@ddlovato @SIRIUSXMHits1 @MorningMashUp @SIRIUSXM I have a tattoo studio, come make one with me!? My Brazilian gift to mark your return to Brazil 💙🥰And by the way, I loved your new video, it's impeccable! He delivered everything 🔥🎸😘

@ddlovato @SIRIUSXMHits1 @MorningMashUp @SIRIUSXM I'm Mavis the powerball lottery winner in Massachusetts,I'm the lottery winner of $758M,this is too much money for me I'm helping those who is in needs.❤️❤️❤️