Engineering and manufacturing are excruciatingly hard. So awesome to see the progress at Giga Berlin. @elonmusk

@teslaownersSV Production, supply chain & logistics are so hard!

@elonmusk @teslaownersSV Here's a pic of me grabbing my production, supply chain and logistics 🥵🥵. Don't judge, Michael Jackson did it too hehe

@elonmusk @teslaownersSV If you need help with quality control, and there is a position available I would love the opportunity! Even if it’s as a consultant, my 15 years in the automotive industry has awarded me a wealth of knowledge that you may find useful.

@elonmusk @teslaownersSV Meanwhile, 🦊 eating all the 🥚. #DRS withdrawals shares from the DTCC (Stock Borrow Program) 🚀♾️ #AMC #GME #Tesla #APESNOTLEAVING #ChokeOnThat

@elonmusk @teslaownersSV $STARS, a 100% community-owned, driven, and highly decentralized utility token on the ERC-20 blockchain, was inspired by Musk's great Starship project. Ethernet chain contract address: 0x7ccfeef4f0f48b0e0abd19bbebae90939f180d A super PUMP is coming.Come and join US!