Per car sold, Tesla invests the most in research and development and the least in advertising Customers appreciate that

@alex_avoigt Wish I could see this for insurance companies… Can’t stand paying for how much advertising Progressive does. Tesla Insurance needed!

@coffeetabletsla @alex_avoigt Agreed. Trying to get all the approvals needed to offer insurance is extremely difficult, but it’s coming.

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@elonmusk @coffeetabletsla @alex_avoigt If the Score card is based on the insurance premiums, i will never get tesla insurance. I dont need tesla monitoring how i drive to decide how much i pay. I bought my car to enjoy driving, not to reduce my insurance premiums by driving based on a score.

@elonmusk @coffeetabletsla @alex_avoigt This is crazy...tesla has by far more data than any other car company or insurance company has ever had on accidents in general. Your data will effect safety,insurance and road design and more in ways we can't even imagine yet.

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@elonmusk @jpr007 @coffeetabletsla @alex_avoigt How is insurance progress in Texas ? My will need a renewal on October 21st, don’t want to continue with progressive.

@St0rmTrper @elonmusk @coffeetabletsla @alex_avoigt Please check this video: how your driving data from an non-Tesla brand is sold anyway

@expectingunexp1 @elonmusk @jpr007 @alex_avoigt Yeah, hopefully soon! They said this week in the annual shareholder meeting. If you do end up having to renew, though, Progressive will give you a prorated refund to the date of cancellation. I just renewed mine recently 😥

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