I heard somewhere you’re supposed to keep a copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in your glovebox @elonmusk

@JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Maybe next week. We’d like to get to 10.3 before expanding the beta.

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Please let it be next week! You don't know what babysitting safety scores is like in New England traffic 😭😭😭 people are literally trying to run me over and I've forgotten what it's like to enjoy driving

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla @elonmusk not an FSD owner but even basic Autopilot has been getting better and better!

@jaminwestby @elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Do you have your hands/fingers on tje bottom of the wheel?

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Please show mercy to the 100s that didn't get the Beta. 🙏 At least expand it to us, we worked hard for that...

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Always know where your towel and copy of the guide are;)… PS: if people could opt in for Teslas to scan for amber/silver alert license plates when announced, that could save lives. Just saying in case you see this and agree it is worth an opt-in in terms of privacy/achievable…

@Sammy_Swagner @elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla I feel your pain. I am in NJ and dropped from a 99 to a 91 today on my drive to work. Took the long way home on autopilot to get back up to a 96

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Anxiously waiting but I know I’m going to be so darn happy when I get my #FSDBeta10 ! I have a 99 total and 9 days straight 100 so I next in line✨ @elonmusk Elon all great things are worth waiting for ⭐️💫

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla Just another one of your customers that had a 100 on Friday and was completely overlooked…

@jasonraduenz1 @elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla I drove 388 miles on Friday to get my score back up to 100. Had I known I also had to have a 100 miles while having the 100 score I would have driven the 37 remaining miles I needed to do so. Lol, looking forward to next week.

@RobertT45743393 @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla LOL. "maybe next week" Translation: 6-9 weeks at the EARLIEST. Not sure why I tried so hard for my perfect 100 safety score. Took most of the fun out of driving, tbh, just for a beta I'll never get apparently. Not really worth it. Thinking about nuking my score tomorrow.

@elonmusk @JeffTutorials @Manic_Marge @Tesla I’ve had 100 for over two weeks while driving over 1600 miles. Where’s my beta? Do I need to maintain my score until the next release?