Can’t wait to be in Genshin Impact 🤣

@elonmusk I'm planning to start watching some animes, recommend a few of must watch / your fav animes? 😃

@PPathole Death Note, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Full Metal Alchemist, Your Name

@elonmusk CONTEXT: Mihoyo tried to be absolutely embarrassing and cringe by asking for clout from their fanbase to get noticed by Elon….with absolutely no benefit to the players 🙃

@Valkyaris @elonmusk weird how the fandom like to troll mihoyo and when mihoyo troll back, everyone got offended lmao

@elonmusk Do you have any plans to make Starlink available on any airlines?

@harrison_astro Yes, we are talking to airlines about installing Starlink. Please let them know if you want it on your airliner. Low latency ~half gigabit connectivity in the air!