@brc06 @elonmusk @Tesla Shouldn’t all superchargers have WIFI? @elonmusk @TeslaCharging @Teslacn

@elonmusk @JayinShanghai @brc06 @Tesla @TeslaCharging @Teslacn Elon, doesn't it make more sense for Tesla to switch to an 800V system?

@EforElectric @elonmusk @JayinShanghai @brc06 @Tesla @TeslaCharging @Teslacn What for? If 4680 delivers what's expected it should be capable to maintain 250kW up to a much higher SoC than it's doing now. That'd mean high average charging speed and no need for 800V.

@elonmusk @JayinShanghai @brc06 @Tesla @TeslaCharging @Teslacn Yes BUT we don't want cars updating and occupying the charger for an hour (cars not movable while updating). So a little more thought is needed ... maybe WIFi in a 50ft+- radius and not connected to a charger.

@vm_one1 @elonmusk @JayinShanghai @brc06 @Tesla @TeslaCharging @Teslacn Or just a quick geofence check and notification “software updates not available while parked at supercharger.” You can install updates when away from wifi; just need wifi to download the update.