Things that make you go "Hmm" @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian $TSLA $LCID $RIVN

@elonmusk @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian it's your fault elon. you convinced the world EVs are the future, now markets goin bananas funding any new electric car startup. they think its easy to do what Tesla did ๐Ÿ™ˆ

@Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian I hope they have a high pain tolerance. Scaling production, supply chain, logistics & service is a world of hurt.

@WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian If it possible to start an EV company without shipping any cars & get a valuation less than a billion dollars!?

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