Waymo’s self-driving cars invade San Francisco street in most bizarre way possible teslarati.com/waymo-bizarre-… by @ResidentSponge

@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge Dear Elon I have an idea that will serve as inspiration for the next generation of physicist astronaut engineers and many other professions. I have a dream and I'm sure it shares your ambitions Please dedicate 15min for me, So that we can change the future! Engineer and Dreamer

@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge self driving cars are cool, but reusuable rockets are cooler. @thefalconnine fueling for launch. Shibarium's official launchpad. $FNINE @Shibtoken #shibarium $F9 $SHIB $STARL $UFO $LEASH $BONE $CIV $KUMA $DBUY

@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge I sure it is by design! Lol. After getting the Tesla FSD Beta on my Model 3s, it is so much more capable than Waymo’s design. Tesla Vision with Tesla’s emphasize on safety is second to none.

@AlonBarak6 @elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge If you have a good idea. Use it. Elon had a good idea and used his. You are doubtless one of thousands with ideas who pester and annoy the poor man every day. You've sent this message very many times. It's called harassment.

@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge It is funny - but at 5:32 these two kool aid drinkers roll thru a stop sign and say: "It didn't stop at that one." har har har They didn't say "my gawd, it just rolled us thru a stop sign! We coulda killed someone! I sure hope they fix this!" youtube.com/watch?v=u_4g81…