The of science & technology always fascinate me & leave me awestruck. I've been wearing glasses/contacts basically all my life & literally after LASIK, I could see the world with 4K clarity. Can only imagine how people would feel after getting Neuralink surgery @elonmusk 👁️🧠

@PPathole LASIK has improved so many people’s lives!

@elonmusk @PPathole I'm on the verge of suicide, this crypto is the last chance for me, please share the picture of nature and I'll get back what I lost, or I will flee this world for the sake of the prophet. you're my only care, elonmusk

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@elonmusk @PPathole Finally Tommorow The most legendary event started now! I prepared for it for a long time Enter Here:

@elonmusk @PPathole In currency trading, the dollar index rose 0.238%, with the euro down 0.27% to $1.1691.3

@elonmusk @PPathole I got LASIK years ago 👌 I wonder how Dr. Peyman's investor pitch went 40 years ago.? "My idea will free people of glasses.. ill surgically cut a flap in their eyes, then laser to burn & fix the cornea. Demand will be overwhelming"

@rookisaacman @elonmusk @PPathole we were always told that looking at a laser will make us go blind, so being told that doing the same thing could remove our need for glasses was surely a weird thing to hear