“Civilization could die with a bang or a whimper.” - @elonmusk

@APompliano If the alarming collapse in birth rate continues, civilization will indeed die with a whimper in adult diapers

@elonmusk @APompliano @elon if I send you 2 btc would you go out on date with me?

@elonmusk @APompliano While birthrate collapse is an important issue to address, it can be done over a number of years. This issue affects women more than men, since career vs family tradeoffs are more pronounced for women, especially early in life. We need to also be cognizant of the individual.

@elonmusk @APompliano When will Elon start buying high quality eggs, fertilize them, and then hire surrogates to carry the embryos? He could have 1,000 children. We need more innovators.

@James11804433 @elonmusk @APompliano thank you for the confirmation that you will never have sex

@elonmusk @APompliano Would you say based on current trends, probably close to zero new births in US by end of April?