Wrote some notes summarizing my first impressions of web3: moxie.org/2022/01/07/web…

@elonmusk @moxie Is it possible for you to review #BPriva. #web3 project and they are planning to release games and wallets in the near future. I think it's not priced yet and it only has 2m in supply. It can be a good investment opportunity. Your opinion is valuable to me. @PrivappNetwork

@Poli40282057 @elonmusk @moxie @PrivappNetwork #bpriva has 3 mn$ market cap. Its look serious potential.10mn max/2mn circulation supply👀. I bought 💰🔐 mexc hotbit lbank bitget and pcs Tg global:t.me/PrivappNetwork… purchase:pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0xd… Website: privapp.network #privacy #web3 #BTC #bnb #metaverse

@elonmusk @moxie Web3 is an umbrella term for an online ecosystem that cuts out the big middlemen on the Internet. Platforms on Web3 are not owned by central gatekeepers. It uses blockchain, the same system used by cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).