Just got some really encouraging news, and context re. Climate system from our amazing tech at Tesla Saskatoon, as we dropped off our 2022 Model 3 this AM. I wanted to share to help others:

Tesla is taking this cold weather climate problem very seriously - they’re very worried about the safety of drivers and have definitely prioritized this issue. The tech is on a group chat with engineers in

Fremont and Alaska, and has been working directly with them over the past few weeks to figure this out. They’re all working together, and when necessary some parts from cars, including Mark Kroeker’s, are being overnight shipped to California for them to figure out what going on.

I also am encouraged to hear why a software update is going to make a really big impact immediately for all Y/3 owners (and the update is in progress now, ETA unknown but asap):

1) The heat pump system actually has the ability to work really well, even in temps colder than -30C, because there are two loops that use compression and expansion of the refrigerant (going from liquid to gas to liquid) and those loops can produce heat, even in the extreme cold.

The Alaska team has been testing this in super cold, and it does work well. So fundamentally the heat pump can and will work in our climates.

2) One of the observed causes of a climate failure that has been diagnosed is the front air intake flap freezing open, and blasting cold air into the system when driving on the highway, which is preventing the heat pump system ability to work correctly.

The cold air passes by a sensor, and tells the climate system it’s failing, and then you get the famous error, and the compressor just stops. One of the things they're potentially going to do with software as a quick win is allow the compressor/system to keep working, even if the

flap is not functioning properly. And of course they’re trying to figure out how to prevent this in the first place.

Of note, the Tech recommended ensuring the black grill on the front of your car is clean and clear, as snow/ice build up there can cause the flap to not open/close properly.

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