Yo @elonmusk any further update as to when Tesla's will launch in India? They're pretty awesome and deserve to be in every corner of the world!

@elonmusk @PPathole @Tesla The government will one day realize that Tesla has been providing the best solutions with electric cars. Challenges make great victories.

@elonmusk @PPathole @Tesla any updates on the Roadster by any chance?

@elonmusk @PPathole @Tesla Your cars are fast, but are they fast enough to proceed with the government procedures?

@elonmusk @PPathole @Tesla I invite @elonmusk to setup his @Tesla manufacturing in my 10 acre land in madhyapradesh, i provide bhaat daal to our guest & lots of Pardeshi Biri.

@elonmusk @PPathole @Tesla Let’s get in touch. I can help speed up this process for you and get things moving in India.