Fanmade Tesla custom V11 UI concept shows how simple it would be to address one of drivers’ biggest complaints… by @ResidentSponge

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@Teslarati @ResidentSponge Almost all input is error. Car should do the right thing automatically.

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@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge Everything about the car is beautiful aside from the updated UI. Symmetry is gone aesthetically and easy to use functions that people personalize, bc that's what humans do, are now more complicated to access. Unless car learns your prefs it can't do the right thing auto.

@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge This right here is the problem with the tech world in general. Options are not a bad thing. There is no one size fits all approach to almost anything. It also necessarily excludes edge cases and outliers by trying homogenize every decision through ai.

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@elonmusk @Teslarati @ResidentSponge This is engineering ego at it's worst. Having had to fix this ego before it's sad. All digital systems MUST have analog backups & friendly, easy to use ones too, or your system won't work & will be expensive to replace when it fails for no reason. Plus you create dumb users.