You may not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like

en tro py … en tro py … no escaping that for me

@elonmusk Someone explain in fortnite terms

@elonmusk The Second Law of Thermodynamics got that reference

@Millions @elonmusk I asked ChatGPT: "Elon Musk's tweet, "en tro py … en tro py … no escaping that for me" is a reference to the concept of entropy, which is a measure of the disorder or randomness in a system. In Fortnite terms, this could be thought of as the chaos that ensues during gameplay,……

@elonmusk All escapes from entropy make look like big strucures and systems and last for some period but all of them are transient. Just like the waves 🌊 that keep forming and dissipating.

@kylenabecker @elonmusk Very surprised that not many people picked up on it!