This new #rstats pkg to interact with the World Checklist of Vascular Plants @KewScience looks very useful For example, to quickly get a distribution map of any plant species, genus, family..

The distribution map is a ggplot, and the distribution an sf object, so these are fully editable

This info can be used e.g. to refine occurrence data downloaded from @GBIF Check out the vignette:…

@frod_san @KewScience Thanks for sharing! It's a very nice package, but do you know if we can get only the points or the polygon of the native range of a given species with it? Not just the countries or regions where species is present.

@Erik_Welk @matildajmbrown @KewScience Yeah there are discrepancies in the distributions between WCVP & GIFT (GIFT looks perhaps more detailed?) These are WCVP & GIFT maps for Laurus nobilis

@tristanubaldi @KewScience Both WCVP and GIFT distinguish native vs non-native regions, see example below…

@frod_san @KewScience Thanks for sharing, and thrilled that you're finding it useful! The accompanying paper will be out shortly - I'll add a couple more details where relevant in the thread. 😊

@matildajmbrown You're welcome, and thanks for your work! Many people are finding it useful :)