New xArm robot (the "Lite 6"), and they're selling some for $1,199.… I've really enjoyed using the bigger xArm 6 for robot research. They're simple but pretty high quality for the price point. Exciting to see prices jump even lower.

Can anyone recommend some robotic arm for maybe 100-200€, just to play around with? I want to code it, using some webcam, maybe other feedback sensors, some simple scripting, maybe some machine learning.

Yeah I don't think that's the right range, especially with feedback, sensors, and end effector. As far as I remember, the 1-3k range is considered pretty cheap. But maybe some of my follower is more up to date than me?…

@giffmana Probably the cheapest thing I’ve seen with seemingly good quality motors, accurate joint encoders, good software support @albertzeyer is the ufactory Lite 6.… Otherwise, Alibaba 6dof servo kits can be very cheap

@peteflorence @albertzeyer Looks cool, though Kickstarter seems to be very hit or miss.