Isn't it amazing when you think about it: The authors of Proximal Origin told us they had approached the origin question with an open mind, without bias for zoonosis. Allegedly there was no pressure on them – despite five officials from Wellcome and NIH being on the Feb 1 call!

Tell me you've never had a discussion of a scientific draft manuscript without telling me you've never had a discussion of a scientific draft manuscript…

@PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @gtuckerkellogg @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan From personal experience, I have not once met with the head of a funding agency to discuss a manuscript; I have not once solicited comments from the head of a funding agency about a manuscript; and I include names of all major contributors in the author list or acknowledgements.

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Is Fauci *only* the head of a funding agency? He was the public leader of NIH response, and a leading physician-scientist. I agree that he should have been acknowledged, but is there a *single* email in which he was acting in his capacity as the "head of a funding agency"?

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Bryce, would you meet with the head of a funding agency to discuss a manuscript if said funding agency head *initiated the discussions that led to the manuscript*? (I agree Fauci should have been acknowledged, so let's not beat that dead horse)

@gtuckerkellogg @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Yes, I would do exactly as I was instructed to do by the person who controlled funding for my lab.

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Is that just because you say so (in the RHE/DJT style of categorical evidence-free statements) or do you have some basis for that claim. Because in the 173 pages of unredacted emails there isn't any.

@gtuckerkellogg @Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Concerted effort by Fauci & Collins to QUICKLY (i.e. before all data was in) get out a manuscript promoting zoonosis interpretation that even authors doubted/thought was pre-mature. Done in name of international harmony & to quash "conspiracy theories" which may be true in fact

@gtuckerkellogg @Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Fauci also was deceitful & unethical when he referred multiple times to paper he helped craft, in White House briefings & before congress, as being from some set of independent experts. @WashburneAlex @emilyakopp @EmaNymton90 @sciencecohen @jocelynkaiser @hholdenthorp @mbalter

@gtuckerkellogg @Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Fauci was pushing hard to publish FAST, to control the narrative, before the science was in:

@Rebecca21951651 @gtuckerkellogg @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan What exactly was “Ron’s position about waiting” that is referred to in this email ?