@BobasoyNPC @gtuckerkellogg @Ayjchan "I would not be in favour of publishing"...

Tell me you've never had a discussion of a scientific draft manuscript without telling me you've never had a discussion of a scientific draft manuscript twitter.com/PrometheusCHT/…

@PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @gtuckerkellogg @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan From personal experience, I have not once met with the head of a funding agency to discuss a manuscript; I have not once solicited comments from the head of a funding agency about a manuscript; and I include names of all major contributors in the author list or acknowledgements.

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Is Fauci *only* the head of a funding agency? He was the public leader of NIH response, and a leading physician-scientist. I agree that he should have been acknowledged, but is there a *single* email in which he was acting in his capacity as the "head of a funding agency"?

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Is that just because you say so (in the RHE/DJT style of categorical evidence-free statements) or do you have some basis for that claim. Because in the 173 pages of unredacted emails there isn't any.

@gtuckerkellogg @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan All I am saying is that because he is the head of the funding agency, he can never not act as the head of the funding agency.

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan So are you saying Kristian should not have taken his call when he asked to speak with him about SARS-CoV-2? There's nothing suggestive of any impropriety by Fauci or KGA. There's nothing remotely consistent with Fauci squashing discussion.

@gtuckerkellogg @Bryce_Nickels @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan KGAs impropriety is deleting a timeline of material tweets which demonstrated his private truths and public lies. That is a tell in and of itself of a motivation to deceive the public.

@gtuckerkellogg @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Kristian definitely should have taken his call. He had no choice. As far as impropriety by Fauci, any involvement by Fauci was not appropriate imo (regardless of his intent). As for KGA, many people have posted inconsistencies b/n his private and public statements after Feb 1.

@gtuckerkellogg @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan Fauci put all the people at the meeting that relied upon his agency for funding in a very difficult spot.

@Bryce_Nickels @PrometheusCHT @stgoldst @R_H_Ebright @Ayjchan I disagree with your views on Fauci's involvment. Fauci was chief pandemic advisor to the White House, huge potential national security issues, he had to be involved. My only issue is that he should have been acknowledged. The tea-leaf reading of KGA's emails is tiresome, IMO.