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Do you have video of your reaction or those you were with when #49ers Robbie Gould kicked the game winner in Lambeau? Drop it here ⤵️

Thinking and “speaking” your mind is wonderful. But it really helps if there’s anything that’s coherent or informative. That’s been a major issue with #49ers - related social media all year…

@sf_derek Jimmy is a good QB, a good leader. Those are not the reasons the #49ers drafted Trey Lance. Always reach for great, add competition, that’s never a bad policy.

The #49ers don’t trust Jimmy G so much, that they got him handing the ball off to Deebo instead of throwing it. #GreatCoaching

Day 2 of tweeting #rams fans to not sell there tickets to #49ers fans

Fans in the regular season: what is Kyle doing? This guy is underachieving, he gets 1 more year. Playoffs: defense with 2 outstanding performances against the hottest offenses in the league, Niners struggle to score. Fans now: Kyle is the best HC in the league. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 #49ers

January 24, 1982: The #Bengals first Super Bowl vs the #49ers. 40 Years Later, it could happen again. #SuperBowlXVI #throwback #JustKeepWinning

Is it just me or does anyone else kinda wanna see Trey Lance get some touches on Sunday? #49ers

Can the #49ers upset the #Rams in the #NFCChampionshipGame on Sunday? #NFL writers make their picks and predictions for the game. #FTTB #RamsHouse…

If #DaBears hire Ryan Poles and he gets his guy #DanQuinn the OC hire could be Mike McDaniels (#49ers OC) who is rumored to get HC jobs. McDaniels was with Quinn on the #Falcons and has been with #Shanny in multiple stops

@NinersNation @splash_cousin Old school for sure. The #49ers five sacks in 3 straight games is their longest streak since 1977.

Wow they shitting on Jimmy G this morning he gotta ball out 2 games to shut these ppl up #49ers

Misleading Stat of the Century: If you remove the years where Jimmy ended the season on IR, #10 has gone to 3 of 5 possible Super Bowls in his career. He could make it 4 of 6 with a win on Sunday. @GuyHaberman @JohnMiddlekauff @grantcohn #49ers #Garoppolo

Coming up next on The @HartmanAndRichO Show... #49ers Guard and #AztecForLife, Daniel Brunskill joins @cannonhartman and @ohrnberger as he prepares for the #NFCChampionship Game! Listen Live:…

The #Packers-#49ers Divisional round game on FOX delivered 36.9 million viewers. Up +40% from last year's window. 👑 👑

In 2015, @Tayaustin01 set the single-season mark for rushing yards by a player who primarily lines up at receiver (434), but the #Rams didn't make the playoffs. With a current total of 476, #49ers WR @19problemz can become the first such player to reach 500 in a combined season.

Join us in wishing #49ers legend @PatrickWillis52 a very happy birthday!! 🎉🎂🎈

Ces stats feraient frémir si les #49ers blitzaient beaucoup. C'est loin d'être le cas. #FTTB…

@PatrickWillis52 🏈 Happy Birthday 🏈 to the best Linebacker of all time. ❤️💛 Stay healthy! #FTTB #49ers

Rams 49ers Front row seats vip club seats c109. NFC Championship Sofi Stadium. 2 tickets $5k and free tailgate parking. Got a newborn can use the cash. Rams season ticket holder. Let’s Go! #49ers #Rams #NFC #NFL #sofistadium #NFCCHAMPIONSHIP #RamsHouse

From yesterday: Rams look desperate in attempt to prevent another #49ers takeover of SoFi Stadium

49ers fan from Canada , Rams be scared with those new ticket restrictions . #softassoftserve #wecomingforya #scared #49ers #goodmorningfootball @KyleBrandt

LOLOL. They’ve spent the week so far begging for fans to not sell their tickets AND trying to prevent sales to #49ers fans. Lame franchise. Sean McVay urges Rams fans to not sell their tickets for NFC Championship Game vs. 49ers -…

Kyle Shanahan has been up front with the team since the start of the season. While people outside of #49ers HQ question the QB situation, Shanahan’s players know exactly what is up:…

Los equipos de fútbol americano están compuestos por tres unidades. Si esto no quedó claro, pueden volver a ver el partido de #49ers en Green Bay... 🏈💪🔒🦵 #FTTB

@LAYS @LAYS I’m the biggest fan of the #49ers and deserve a bag of #LaysGoldenGrounds because I… #Sweepstakes #FTTB lets get it did!!

@Futbologo07 @LaLigaNFL @49ers @49ersESP @Chiefs El equipo hará todo esté domingo, para que tengas razón y salgamos por un #SB más contra los #49ers

McDonald: Is NFL overtime rule unfair? 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan doesn’t think so, and neither do I #SanFrancisco #49ers #NFL…

The volume of #49ers fans was so loud that @RamsNFL quarterback Matthew Stafford had to go to a silent count, usually only performed by teams on the road instead of their home stadium. 🏈…

#49ers Kyle Shanahan says openness about Jimmy Garoppolo's future benefits all: “It's been that way since we made that trade … and the more that we all can accept it and know it and not beat around the bush, the easier it is to go on with your jobs.”…

Traveling Faithful headcount. Who’s heading to Levi’s South for the game Sunday? #FTTB #LevisSouth #49ers RT

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