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@LateNightSeth does a great job tonight on #ACloserLook It gets better as it goes (and there are great "callbacks". Wally even does a bit. #hilarious

The fringe weirdos in Congress who support the efforts to overturn the 2020 election are somehow getting weirder by the day. @sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook.

Come through this Thursday, Oct 28 and catch @TRINArockstarr & @missfree go live on Instagram!! 🤩 They'll be chatting about Trina's upcoming episode of #ACloserLook and answering fan questions. 🙌🏾

@sethmeyers - dude, your writers and staff are on their game lately. Keep up the good work, sir! #acloserlook

If you are not watching @sethmeyers #ACloserLook clips daily on @YouTube, followed by his #Emmy-nominated #Corrections clips that appear once a week .... you are missing out on some damn fine creative entertainment. Highly recommend!

On today's #LNSM Podcast: @andersoncooper! Plus, @sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook at the bombshell Rolling Stone report. 🎧 Apple Podcasts: 🎧 Spotify: 🎧 Google Play:

Thank you @VibeMagazine!! Be sure to catch @TRINArockstarr in #ACloserLook — streaming October 28 only on ALLBLK.…

.@sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook at the bombshell report alleging that GOP members of Congress actively helped plan the 1/6 insurrection.

These should maybe be more challenging? Night 1, Card 4. BINGO! #LNSM #ACloserLook #ACloserLookBingo

Now that Trump is out of office, political journalists are focusing on Joe Biden’s cursing habit instead. @sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook.

Tune in this Thursday to @watchallblk for the latest episode of #ACloserLook featuring the #DiamondPrincess herself @TRINArockstarr. Special thanks to @VibeMagazine and @DeMiciaValon for sharing the news!…

#ComingSoon — The 5th installment of #ACloserLook will feature rapper, songwriter, television personality, and actress @TRINArockstarr 🙌🏾 Check out the official trailer and don't miss the premiere this Thursday, October 28 — exclusively on ALLBLK.

@Maybe_Mabe And looky there! Your Bio LED w “humble”, second cousin to modest, huh. And NOT the kind of 2nd cousin that one Rudy #Gulliani would MARRY‼️. Source: @sethmeyers on #Acloserlook

@sethmeyers Have a wonderful weekend, Seth; see you on Monday for a new Closer Look #LateNight #closerlook #acloserlook

Why is Donald Trump telling Republicans not to vote? Seth takes #ACloserLook.

Seth's Spirit/Sprint flub was a callback from the opening of #ACloserLook #lnsm

#AcloserLook @LateNightSeth I Forgot how much fun having an audience is.

@sethmeyers @LateNightSeth you always manage to make me laugh. It is most welcome when the headlines are crazy like they’ve been today….and most days for the past 4 +years. Thank you. Bannon Could Face Criminal Charges;#ACloserLook via @YouTube

Trump is still surrounding himself with criminals and conspiracy theorists – and the GOP is fully behind him. @sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook.

Take #ACloserLook at these details from a very large painting. Can you guess the location of the buildings? This painting is a portrait by William Allen Wall. Do you know who is portrayed or where the painting can be seen in the #whalingmuseum? Solution at 7pm ET today.

TONIGHT: @sethmeyers welcomes James Spader with music from @tatemcrae! Plus, an all new edition of #ACloserLook.

Seth Meyers(and Stephen Colbert) not only helped get me through quarantine, he also helped get me through the last five years! #ACloserLook is my absolute favorite!…

Despite what Fox says, Southwest isn’t canceling flights because of vaccine requirements. #ACloserLook

I think it's worth watching #ACloserLook multiple times just to catch the alt takes between broadcast and streaming 🤷‍♀️🙂 #lnsm

No, Biden’s vaccine requirements aren’t causing calamities like Southwest Airlines cancelations. @sethmeyers takes #ACloserLook.

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