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We love #AVInTheAM! Don't miss this on June 14th from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM at @InfoComm 👇

@ChewieDaWookiee @ATXsantucci @chris_neto One of the first things that I do with any candidate whom I am truly considering is to look them up on LinkedIn. If they don't have a profile, it is not consistent or updated, or they don't have a picture, it detracts from their candidacy. #AVinTheAM

@Iffsi @chris_neto General contractors are very important and effective. They interface with the clients, plan and implement the project, and coordinate the various specialty trades while doing a small percentage of the hands-on work themselves. #AVinTheAM

So true! Additionally, some don't want to invest the time and effort to become better. Working with subs requires management, documentation, and effective communication. Undesirable outcomes can many times be avoided with greater coordination. #AVinTheAM…

Agreed! I think that more can get done when specialists who are very experienced in each area of focus can do their part to help others become more successful. #AVinTheAM…

Don’t miss the #AVINTHEAM meetup at @InfoComm on June 14th at 9AM. See ya there #AVTweeps 👀😎🎉

@chris_neto As an employer, I feel that demonstrating a true interest and desire for a role can overshadow blemishes on a CV. This can be done with a meaningful cover letter. I also listen for a good story to see if our opportunity is a destination or just a stop on the journey. #AVinTheAM

@avlaborcorp @chris_neto I agree that the insurance requirements can be steep because the same criteria are used for all sub-contractors regardless of their role or the project size. I've handled it by countering with the insurance amounts that we have to see if they will suffice. #AVinTheAM

Looking forward to catch up with all the #AVTweeps next week. Hit me up if you would like to catch up over coffee with your Aussie mate and discuss anything AV and Smart Buildings :). Looking forward to it. #AVintheAM #IC2023 #Infocomm2023

@chris_neto A3: I guess remote work for whatever you can do and hence minimising the limitations but that requires solid in house standards to make sure that whatever is coming in from different locations is actually up to your standards. #AVinTheAM

@JosiahWay @chris_neto To be fair… nearly everything can be relevant - but it depends on what one learns from each role. Problem solving, critical thinking, mindset - they span all industries. #AVinTheAM

@AVPhenom @chris_neto We should not be trying to “go back” to anything. Go forward. That means embracing change and thinking differently. Which many are afraid to do. #AVinTheAM

@chris_neto @JosiahWay @pinkshotdogs It’s the truth! Food service is one of the best ways to learn about great and terrible customer experiences! #AVintheAM

@Iffsi @chris_neto I believe they can. IMO it makes sense to specialize and invest in what individual companies are most successful at. Very few are good at everything. #AVintheAM

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