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A mystery straight from the #AVTweeps - Should we get the #AVinTheAM crowd on this too? An #EventProfs / AV mystery from CES…

@HigherEdAV @ped1971 Great article - I would love to ha e everyone across all verticals get better about AV terminology. So often end users are just completely programmed with bad info from the marketing in this industry and the repetition of false info by sales reps who parrot the message #AVintheAM

@ChewieDaWookiee @Nick_JAV_FCI @_AVAP @chris_neto Agree > program can't be dropped in. That said, saw amazing grade school kids able to do basic programming 👨‍💻👩‍💻 #avtweeps #AVinTheAM

This 👇 #avtweeps peeps FTW 🥂 We are people, not robots. A convo several years ago took a shop worker into a programming role. Listen #AVinTheAM…

Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation shitshow - The Verge #AVintheAM #AllThingsTechIE #avtweeps #proav

@chris_neto This was my Dad (@TweetsFromDad1). Over 30+ years of leadership in state government, he has only had TWO people leave him. One moved, and one retired. I think it speaks so highly of his leadership. He recently left his position to “soft retire.” #AVinTheAM

@AVPhenom @AV_JamesKing @chris_neto @amelia262 @jacobyaudio Since we are talking about born leaders, U have to have the personality (acumen) to want the ball and score the touch down; how u put it in the endzone is what u r taught. #AVinTheAM

@chris_neto Company culture is great until it’s not. It needs to be backed up by actions. I’ve seen too many folks hit by friendly fire recently and it’s just sad. Take care of your people and they’ll take care of the company. And oh, pay them a fair wage too! #getCarriedaway #AVinTheAM

Which means a lot of commodity AV, basic rentals, etc, are unserviced, or got more expensive, because frankly the margins weren't there. So a potential opportunity for a new biz, but also a warning to calculate how it all pencils out. #AVinTheAM #AVTweeps #EventProfs 6/6

You have to have economies of scale, captive customers, or both, to make that work. That's the model that 4-letter in-house companies use. But they give back such big commissions they have tight margins too, and are being squeezed by owners. #AVinTheAM #AVTweeps #EventProfs 4/

I never did dry hire, but commodity event rental (AV or furniture) is kinda a PITA and is low margin. I closed my warehouse in 2020, moved up market, and haven't looked back. There is a vacuum at the lower end of the R&S market #AVTweeps #AVinTheAM #EventProfs 3/

I've heard from several #EventProfs clients that they have had trouble finding vendors for things like party rental (furniture and decor) and they have had trouble finding other AV Vendors who meet their needs. #AVinTheAM #AVTweeps 2/

Interesting tangent / anecdote for #AVinTheAM - I moved my business out of Rental and Staging, to be a production consultant / TD / Event #A11y consultant. A good friend, who I've passed a lot of my smaller events onto is now exiting the rental market. #AVinTheAM #EventProfs 1/

@Nick_JAV_FCI @barryjgrossman @_AVAP @chris_neto Schools need to hire #AV #Techs and not throw teachers into the space, especially without sending them to #training. The problem is doing K-12 #AV isn't going to bring home much bacon. #AVinTheAM

@tkerbavaz @chris_neto Especially when those in-house AC companies promote their staff to #Freelance by flexing time or throwing their names in the ring for work coming through the area. In-house can't train you for everything and freelancing can bring back new ideas #AVinTheAM #EventProfs #Freelance

Here is this weeks (Sun 26 March) #AVInTheAM topics, summarised. Hopefully, they stimulate debate and divide opinions. Thank you to all #AVTweeps #AVBrits & #ProAV folk, who took the time, to wish me a #happybirthday! I hope that you all have an awesome and rewarding week ahead!…

This weeks 6th and #BONUS #AVInTheAM topic How can companies in the #ProAV industry balance the need for technical expertise with soft skills and leadership development in their talent management strategies?…

This weeks 5th #AVInTheAM topic What role does #mentorship & #professionaldevelopment programs play in attracting/retaining top talent in #AV? What are your thoughts on Mentorship v Apprenticeship? Are they different? Is retaining talent a bigger issue than finding new talent?…

This weeks 4th #AVInTheAM topic How can companies create a #diverse & #inclusive workplace to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds? What is the best way to effectively identify and nurture new and/or "homegrown" talent? What are we doing wrong, and how can we do better…

This weeks 3rd #AVInTheAM topic What strategies can companies implement to address the ongoing "talent shortage" in the #ProAV industry? Do you feel that there is a talent shortage in our industry? If so is it a skills issue, an industry outreach issue, or is it something else?…

This weeks 2nd #AVInTheAM topic How can companies in the #ProAV industry leverage #technology and #innovation to optimize their talent management strategies? What impact will emerging technologies, such as #AI and #MachineLearning, have on talent management in the AV industry?…

This weeks 1st #AVInTheAM topic What role does company culture play in attracting/retaining top talent in the AV industry? How can companies create a culture that promotes both employee engagement and satisfaction? Does the culture have to be in place to make it work or not?…

Great #avtweeps culture thread 👇 I agree it's organic. Leadership creates the environment, initial company values... Team takes baton and builds on the message. Ideally, it's a win, win #AVinTheAM…

@Rhyno_24 "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." - Gandalf #AVintheAM

This week's #AVInTheAM topics, for debate, discussion and divided opinions is 'Homegrown Talent' #AVTweeps #AVBrits; get involved, let's discuss!…

@chris_neto Good day to #AVTweeps #AVBrits #ProAV folk the world over, and my #AVInTheAM family! This weekend has been all about me, so I am a little late to the debates and discussions this week! Let's see where we go from here...

This 👇 #avtweeps staff #hr #HumanResources Seen too many people leave 👉 management failed to listen I kept most people by listening and being creative w #WorkLifeBalance - even if I didn't listen to my own advice #AVinTheAM…

@chris_neto @stiner The subject could be a great case study. Why did I walk away after 29 yrs, incl freelance?🤔 As posted elsewhere, our perspective changed post #pandemic Treat people w respect Ivory can tarnish, crumble if not maintained 😎 #avtweeps #AVinTheAM

@chris_neto @code_kate @Nick_JAV_FCI "Death of everything," Kate? I blame the Industrial Revolution for polluting everything. Back to #avtweeps👉 try not to label. #pandemic revelation? People want better #WorkLifeBalance, don't want eggs in one basket. If not valued or culture fail, will leave ASAP #AVinTheAM

@chris_neto @Nick_JAV_FCI Is it better to be the slacker generation or the generation blamed for the death of everything like us millennials? 😆 #AVInTheAM

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