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#asksonic #TwitterTakeover Are you aware that I am locked on to your location and approaching rapidly?

#AskSonic to Tails, is Cosmos plant still in your workshop?

#AskSonic question for Shadow, do you think that Shadow The Hedgehog will get another remake? Also are you a ANDROID?????

#AskSonic why does the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, Flanders, use AZERTY (keyboard layout designed for french) when the optimal keyboard for Dutch is QWERTY hence why the Netherlands use it 🙂

#AskSonic Hey Sonic What is wrong on sonic cd japenise secret is there any questions

#AskSonic What do you know about rolling down in the deep

@sonic_hedgehog #AskSonic For Miles: How's cosmo's seed doing? For everyone: Why does everyone mistakes sonic with shadow ('n vice-versa) ? For Eggman: Were did you get you doctorat, I though there wasn't any colleges on Mobius (says tails in the 1st episode of sonic x)

@sonic_hedgehog I have a question for #AskSonic. Will Cosmo the Seedrian ever return, and, Shadow, did Maria name you herself, and what do you miss the most about Maria?

#AskSonic uh hi huge fan this may be too late but sonic what’s your option on your evil twin sonic.exe here’s a picture, I know it’s not official but what do have to say about him @SEGA @sonic_hedgehog

@sonic_hedgehog #AskSonic Hey Sonic, can you and your friends please all say "fard is epic"?

@sonic_hedgehog are you going to be recieving any remakes/remasters in the future #AskSonic

Will you use the pc port soundtrack of sonic 3 or the original in the new sonic collection #AskSonic

@sonic_hedgehog #AskSonic hey dr.eggman! I wanted to ask you this question for a real long time so i hope you have an answer! Is it true that you used the wisps to power your glorious machines or was it just a hoax i have read somewhere?

@Alexis99010736 @sonic_hedgehog @OnTheDownLoTho To provide context, Fadel tried to ask the question to #AskSonic who takes the most Ls? They didn't respond to him, Fadel commented on one of there posts roasting Tails, then Sonic Twitter exposed that they did plan on recording a response to his tweet but didn't, so hes the-

@sonic_hedgehog #AskSonic if all wanted a type of shoe what would it be

#AskSonic Sonic, did you actually go to Minecraft for the dlc or was it a faker? (Wonder where I heard that before)

#AskSonic What's your favorite color chaos emerald? Mine is the white one.

#AskSonic since sonic 2 live acton movie is coming,do you think Speed Demon might be a good music for a sonic 2 live action movie trailer ?if you haven't heard the song...then hear it later.

#AskSonic will i ever get to seoul for college?

I'm bad at captions. Here's that beautiful moment from the takeover, #AskSonic. This is my first comic, sorry it's a bit messy. #TwitterTakeover #SonicTheHedgehog #sonictwittertakeover

@sonic_hedgehog #asksonic hey sega! I’m the white bear! My question is… what is your favourite sonic game, and what’s your favourite sonic movie/show. I hope you can respond! Java good day and thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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