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Brody Jenner took aim at Brendan Morais after seeing his "fake" apology following the #bachelorinparadise drama he and Pieper James created.…

Bachelor In Paradise Hits Lowest Rated Episode On A Monday; Will The Show Be Canceled ? #BachelorInParadise…

#BachelorInParadise wow mari is truly evil laughing about Demi ,not nice ! she dumped that dude !she didn’t want him back until someone else wanted him! Which tells all of us that she will dump him at the end of this…

1. What happened to that clip of Brendan telling Demi that everyone on the island knows she starts drama?? 2. HOW is Dick in a Box still on this island!? #bachelorinparadiseabc #bachelorinparadise

Chris is showing his age something serious. If you’re looking for a fling and rave buddy just say that?? #BachelorInParadise

Lmfao Chris walking on the beach the morning after trying to act sad 😭 who did it worse him or Brendan?? #BachelorInParadise

Why is everyone from BIP going to Chicago? Stop spreading the virus #BachelorInParadise

Oop not Demi crying over Kenny I thought she liked being the eternal fun girl #BachelorInParadise

Poor Jessenia Chris is looking for a one night stand babes don’t cry over a wasteman #BachelorInParadise

@itsnatashajp what did you see in this man? I think you dodged a bullet if I may say so myself 🎯 💯 #BrendanMorais #eww #bachelorinparadise #IYKYK #retweet

Tammy and Demi got a taste of their own medicine. Kinda happy both of them are gone. #BachelorInParadise

Look at Becca defending Thomas!… #bachelorinparadiseabc #bachelorinparadise She appears to be filming in paradise (it's not her normal background). Filming ended 6/26/21

Riley and Maurissa are awesome!!! They are so into each other… good for them. 💜 #BachelorInParadise

This is a week late but Riley and Joe teaming up with Jessenia to defend her was so attractive #BachelorInParadise

So someone edited Brendan’s apology video and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Whoever you are I fucking love you! #BachelorInParadise

I think I’m just happy that Kenny has kept his clothes on… but honestly I do like Mari and Kenny together. Hopefully they stick it out longer term. #bachelorinparadise hate watching these episodes days late

James telling Aaron to share his blue balls feelz is literally why I expected their thirst to turn to desperation and just start fighting other dudes. Where’s Tre at because he would have been there talking shit too #BachelorInParadise #blueballsfeelz…

Looking forward to scrolling through more #BachelorInParadise hashtags this Tuesday!🤪 #MMJC10DoT #Day9

I believe Matt James had a NFL career. Watching the Jets, anything is possible. @mattjames919 @nyjets #BachelorInParadise

Now that I nolonger like Brendan,, I'm like this guy is not hot at all,, I admit I was blind but now I see my wrong ways #BachelorInParadise

Jessenia could have been so happy with Ivan,, now Ivan is all over the place,, #BachelorInParadise

@Tamishipman Alana didn't force him to kiss her. He did it because he wanted too. Also he didn't know Jessenia had walked into the room. It didn't make it right, but he is free to talk to whomever he wants. The show is #BachelorInParadise. You can date, as many people.

So basically Chris did the same exact shit to Jessenia that Brendan did with Natasha. If there’s one thing men always have it’s the audacity #BachelorInParadise

"The Rule Book of Paradise" 1. Don't come on the show if you're already in a relationship (or have a romantic connection with someone else. 《THE END》 #bachelorinparadise #bachelorinparadiseabc

LMFAOOOOOO Chris did all that courting with Jessenia just to plant one on Alana 8 minutes after she arrives😭 I just knew he was a fuckboy #BachelorInParadise

They messed up when the put a lawyer on the show 😂#BachelorInParadise

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