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#ChiefsKingdom taking a page out of the #BillsMafia playbook is awesome 🏈

Quiero mostrarles lo que me acaba de llegar , mi premio de los 25000 seguidores , Muchas Gracias @ArturoCarlos por mi jersey ,lastima que mis #BillsMafia no jugarán la final de conferencia.

I am shocked to see some people want McDermott fired YOU GUYS ARE FUCKIN IDIOTS #BillsMafia

I literally have no interest in watching the rest of the NFL season. I don't know if temporary depression is possible over people you have never meant, but... I think I have it. #BillsMafia #GoBills

This is a wonderful gesture. They can say they donated in 13 dollar increments bc of the 13 seconds left on the clock that they needed to tie the game... but I'll just look at it as an honor to @DavisGB1 scoring 4 TDs on em. Thank you Chiefs Nation from a member of #BillsMafia…

@LAYS @LAYS I want to win a bag of #LaysGoldenGrounds from the #BillsMafia because i am a buffalo superfan and have so much love for the team and would appreciate it if I can get one 💯 #Sweepstakes

@charlie_wolcott You are right, but everybody i guess is welcome to #BillsMafia and about those super bowls... were darker days, they really were and are 😔

#Bills OC Brian Daboll is the favorite to be the #Dolphins' next head coach. #BillsMafia

Will be so much sweeter when we @BuffaloBills hoist the Lombardi next year in #sincity #vivalasvegas 👀 on the prize #superbowl #BillsMafia @JoshAllenQB @motorsingletary 💰🏆🥇🧩

Amazing the game and now this! #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia mad respect for @JoshAllenQB even as a WY QB who decimated my CSU Rams…

Just watched the entire hour of BB end of year press conference. @beane_mrs Please let him know how much we as fans appreciate his candor & honesty. His disappointment on the loss was felt by all of us. We appreciate your family so much. #BillsMafia

Did anyone else realize that @JoshAllenQB started this play with exactly 17 seconds left and passed to @DavisGB1 for a TD at exactly 13 seconds? Wait, what are their jersey numbers again?! 🤯 @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

I really Hope Josh Allen was mic’ed up for the game against KC. #BillsMafia

Josh Allen is 1 of 1 and the only reason #BillsMafia needs to remain hopeful. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. #GoBills

#BillsMafia this week trying to get people to care about OT rules:

"I think all the time what could have been in Buffalo... I could have made the wrong decision." Former Pro Bowl TE second guesses decision to not play with Josh Allen, #Bills when he had the chance.… #BillsMafia

"I think all the time what could have been in Buffalo... I could have made the wrong decision." Former Pro Bowl TE second guesses decision to not play with Josh Allen, #Bills when he had the chance.… #BillsMafia

@zacb22 #ChiefsKingdom 🤝 #BillsMafia I think we’re going to be spending a lot of time together in the next few years.

Kansas City #Chiefs fans donate more than $250K to Buffalo children's hospital after playoff win - #NFL #NFLTwitter #NFLPlayoffs #ChiefsKingdom #BillsMafia #Bills…

These are the actual messages with my friend and how the $13 idea was switched from Patrick Mahomes charity to Josh Allen’s charity. Al respect and ❤️💙🤍 for #BillsMafia from #ChiefsKingdom

@Chiefs Incredible what your fan base has done for the City of Buffalo. Losing sucks but it was an amazing game an seeing stuff like this makes it a little better. 2 incredible teams an fanbases. #BillsMafia #ChiefsKingdom

Headed home from Los Cabos with ⁦@BuffaloBills⁩ love ❤️ still in my heart. Let’s Go Buffalo #BillsMafia

@BuffaloBills @CoachDaboll You will have so many opportunities. Amazing coach. Stay in buffalo and finish the job. You and @JoshAllenQB will win it all together. 🏆 #BillsMafia

I feel like all of #BillsMafia should adopt some emotional support dogs to get through the 8 months.

Seriously, in Beanie we trust. Hard to watch Bills stuff right now but Beanes post season interview makes excited for next year #BillsMafia

Hello, 911? I'd like to report a verbal drive-by. And I'd DEARLY love to see #AEW come to Buffalo and see Britt run smack on Josh Allen. Just. TRY. The crowd's not going to stand for that. Not after what he did in the playoffs. #BillsMafia #AEWDynamite #AEWonTBS #AEWBeachBreak…

I think #BillsMafia and #chiefskingdom are pretty much one in the same fan base, which is why we get along so well. I will say those @BuffaloBills fans are a little more bat shit crazier than we are KC

NYG won the SB vs the Pats while they were undefeated. I’m not alone in how I think about that Pats team—18-1 team, the best of all time. Regardless of what happened. Buffalo might have it’s best team of all time. Certainly just played like it. So,😊 Bills fans! #BillsMafia…

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