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We will be holding a news conference about the shooting on University Hill at 7 a.m. at 13th and College. We will try to livestream it here on Twitter if technology allows. We will also share the information afterward #Boulder #BoulderColorado

We will be holding a news conference about this investigation at 7 a.m. at 13th and College. We will try to livestream it here on Twitter if technology allows #Boulder #BoulderColorado

“A short time later there was a felony menacing with a gun in the 1100 block of University Ave. At least two individuals are in custody. This is a very active investigation. Anyone with information about these incidents … call Dispatch at 303-441-3333” #Boulder #Gunfire…

Boulder Police are currently investigating two incidents on University Hill. One incident involved the exchange of gunfire between individuals as well as officers in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Ave. #Boulder 1/2

Found another favorite bookstore, this time in #Boulder: @boulderbooks Worth noting: you'll find two shelves of books on writing itself. Makes me think 🤔 💭

Colorado is in top 5 . #Boulder is top of the list. We are an upscale city with no room for people who refuse to Work. @AaronBrockett12 ,@BoulderLauren4…

Register for Jr Camp Congress for Girls #Denver 2023 on Jan 14. Girls, ages 8-11, learn about politics, run for office, vote & pass a bill. Tickets ➡️… #ColoradoSprings #Pueblo #Aurora #Boulder #FortCollins #Colorado

FREE CAMP | Register for Camp Congress for Girls #Denver 2023 on Jan 14. Students learn about politics, run for office, vote & pass a bill. Tickets ➡️ #ColoradoSprings #Pueblo #Aurora #Boulder #FortCollins #Colorado

Man Shot and Killed by Police Officers After Calling 911 for Help via @YouTube It is heartbreaking that #Grizzlies & #PascalPraud show this heartbreaking event & no one else calls these police out!!! #Christian Glass #boulder #Colorado

@AaronBrockett12 If you read about "New urbanism", how it destroyed downtown areas like #Boulder with all the density and poor planning. Then read @Boulderchambers recent when west Pearl street closure destroyed their businesses @stocked (beware magical thinking) #bobyates

Swear to god there’s no people in Boulder, CO, just feral animals. The worst place to be if you have remotely any kind of anxiety. No one has manners, everyone will reach over and step on you. Awful. #Boulder

I’ve donated. Who wants to join me by investing in a stronger democracy? #boulder…

Family from #NewYork visiting #Boulder. Great to see them! And #Grateful to live in such an amazing place. Hiking near Wonderland Lake.

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING racing out of #Boulder, heading east right now. #COwx There is hail in these storms, and lightning so take cover

@JillGrano on @KGNU explaining the merits of having local elections in even numbered years (YES on 2E #Boulder )…

Wow! One hell of a frog-strangler thunderstorm just passed through here dumping tons of rain in less than 10 minutes. Huge puddles everywhere. Probably October's entire allotment of precip. #Boulder #Longmont #Niwot #LyonsCO #BoulderCounty #COwx #COfire #Colorado…

Sorry, #boulder Friends. My partner clearly caused this hail by cleaning up the crabapples earlier today.

#Boulder - @AaronBrockett12 why are you still attacking the unhoused with the draconian camping and tent bans, especially when so many humans have died on your streets & farms animals and pets are more humanely protected by city code?…

We're a growing team, determined to get more people voting in Boulder's local elections. Chip in today to help support our campaign: #boulder

#Boulder @AaronBrockett12 this didn't happen by accident, council retreat, talking or thru endless study; it was intentional choice, political will, budget and action. Do something - here and now.…

I’ve been a little busy offline, but wanted to share my recent portraits of a #Boulder historian, collector, and yard sale legend…

When you're looking for the best #CellCoverage, the map from your provider doesn't have the most accurate info. Read the blog for better options. #Cellphone #SmartPhone #CellService @ATT @Verizon @TMobile @sprint #BoulderCanyon #Boulder

Check out our Boulder Beat Opinion Panel, a 16-member panel writing peer-edited and fact-checked editorial content: #boulder

"Patricia Nelson Limerick, faculty director and chair of the board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado, where she is also a Professor of History." via @ColoradoSun #boulder…

"Community Foundation Boulder County on Friday announced 63 Community Trust grants totaling $193,200 for the first round of its flagship grantmaking program, the Community Trust." via @dailycamera #boulder…

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