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Wo die Hoffnung Wurzeln schlägt… Was wäre, wenn der Build Back Better Act von Joe Biden wirklich umgesetzt wird? Die Weichen in eine umweltfreundlichere Welt würden gestellt werden! Die Entscheidung wird Anfang dieses Jahres getroffen. #buildbackbetter

ICYMI👇👇👇My thoughts on why #Congress MUST pass the #BuildBackBetter Act for low-income families to get adequate support this winter, especially through the #ChildTaxCredit.… via @prosperitynow

If #immigration can’t get past the parliamentarian in #BuildBackBetter, why isn’t there a push for a vote on reform? Aside from being the right thing to do for families & essential workers, our economy has a labor shortage & this helps #inflation. @CHIRLA…

Imagine being able to understand what parts of the #BuildBackBetter plan impact your life by simply asking a question. It’s possible with IQ.…

@northkats @jalexa1218 @RiderBabe52 @Nate_Cohn @JoeBiden #BuildBackBetter January 21, 2021 total US debt $27,756,349,666,620.64 January 19, 2022 total US debt $29,850,619,689,684.70 Why don't Joe give Americans a damn break $29 trillion of printed debt up our assholes since last US trade surplus in 1975 Where has Joe been?

Please don't reward #republicans for their #obstructionist behavior. Vote for #BuildBackBetter and elect more #Democrats to #Congress to get things done. And while we're at it - save #RoeVWade.

"The climate portion of #BuildBackBetter includes about $555B aimed at moving the American economy away from its 150-year-old reliance on fossil fuels and toward clean energy sources." Full story on @nytimes:

🛣️ 1 brand new #Tłı̨chǫHighway 🚚 97 kms of road 🌉 4 bridges 📅 365 days of access Unlimited opportunities! Learn more:… #BuildBackBetter

As the anniversary of @POTUS' inauguration approaches, the prospect of a more balanced and credible U.S. #cleanenergy #innovation policy seems to be receding, but the #BuildBackBetter package still brings hope, says @ProfDavidHart…

If we’re going to truly #BuildBackBetter, then we need to start building in America again. With the economic policies of @POTUS and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s investment in American manufacturing, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.…

I know he doesn’t count me as American, but I am clamoring for #BuildBackBetter. #MitchPlease…

.@SenAlexPadilla .@SenFeinstein For #California farmers the #ClimateCrisis is very real. It's time to pass #BuildBackBetter. (Also do everything possible to bring along Manchin and Sinema) RT…

Vice President Harris continues to work day in and day out to produce real, tangible results for Americans in need #BuildBackBetter

.@TomReedNY23 72% of voters in the 23rd accept the scientific reality of the climate crisis. Saddened you didn't support them by voting for #BuildBackBetter.

Wh.ite America has to stop believing something is unimportant because it's unimportant to *them." #VotingRights #BuildBackBetter

@FearlessPAC Hear HEAR @FearlessPAC #BuildBackBETTER TOGETHER With @FearlessPAC Remember REMEMBER The 8th Of N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R!

@mehdirhasan @Cirincione Nearly every job created in West Virginia by #BuildBackBetter will go to non-collegeucated residents. Lean into it! Make @JoeManchinWV defend killing these jobs! Read #TheSumofUs @hmcghee - WV voters think they are excluded, they are not!

"Allowing parents, particularly mothers, a true choice in their work-care arrangements yields deep financial benefits." #BuildBackBetter…

We need an economy AND a democracy that works for all of us. Families need Senators to pass the #BuildBackBetter Act now to ensure affordable #childcare & #housing, a permanent expanded #ChildTaxCredit, and protections for immigrants. #PasstheDamnBill

Congress' failure to move #BuildBackBetter is affecting families NOW. Families who were relying on monthly Child Tax Credit payments aren't getting that money any more - sometimes, a lack of $1000 per month for critical health and child care costs. Share👇…

There's a possible solution to the #BuildBackBetter Act's gridlock: compromise. We lay out how to expand the Child Tax Credit that finds a middle ground:

The people most fervently in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade are usually among the most indifferent or hostile to environmental and wildlife protection. They don't sanctify life; they subjugate women. #RoevWade #SCOTUS #BuildBackBetter

Want to cover Build Back Better *better*? Read 👏 The 👏 Bill 👏. And that's not the only advice for journalists from @USGAO and the president of @taxpayers for Common Sense.… #BuildBackBetter #Senate2022 #journalism

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