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It's #BestBets time for the #BurningQuestions panel. @chrissymonal, @mitchsidey, @apgath68 and Clayton Tonkin share who they've got on top ahead of a super Saturday at @GeelongHarnessR. Tune in from 6.30pm on #TheTrots Full show:

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 How do you fight temptation when it rears its ugly head? 🔥

Is Spellbound a good thing in the Angelique Club Pace and will she sweep the Elizabeth Clarke Mares Triple Crown? Clayton Tonkin: "I don't think she is". Also hear from @apgath69, @mitchsidey and @chrissymonal in #BurningQuestions. #TheTrots Full show:

Will Catch A Wave justify @apgath68's spruik in the @NutrienEquineSB Tatlow Stakes tonight at @GeelongHarnessR? Clayton Tonkin doesn't think so. Enjoy #BurningQuestions and then tune into #TrotsVision tonight from 6.30pm. #TheTrots Full show:

NEW from our #burningquestions series: If your #flight is #delayed, should you still go to the #airport on time?

I am pretty open in saying that we plan to grow our family. What bothers me is that the questions don’t stop coming. #parentingperspectives #growingfamilies #indymoms #indymomsblog #burningquestions…

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 How much worrying do you do when it comes to the uncertainty of the times that are ahead of us? 🔥

NEW from our #burningquestions series: If your flight is delayed, should you still go to the #airport on time?

Has the barrier draw gifted Amazing Dream the @flying_cider @GeelongHarnessR Pacing Cup or can the chasing bunch produce a surprise? The #BurningQuestions panel picks apart Saturday night's #thetrots headliner. Full show:

We are on the doorstep of another monster Saturday night's #thetrots and @chrissymonal's rallied an all-star #BurningQuestions panel to break down @GeelongHarnessR, with @apgath68, Clayton Tonkin and @mitchsidey offering key insights. Enjoy:

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 Sometimes the mind can take us into some deep places...So what do you do to stay honest with yourself? 🔥

NEW from our #burningquestions series: If your flight is delayed, should you still go to the #airport on time?

Vous êtes professionnel de santé et souhaitez en apprendre davantage sur les Forums Régionaux Horizons Digestifs, découvrir les #BurningQuestions et cas cliniques ou participer à ces événements, contactez votre délégué Merck ou rdv sur

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 When was the last time that you allowed someone or something to make you feel inadequate? 🔥

NEW from our #burningquestions series: If your flight is delayed, should you still go to the #airport on time?

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 What advice do you have for this anonymous submission?...I feel lonely until I hook-up, then afterwards I feel disgusted with myself. 🔥

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 What is more important...How you look or How good it tastes? 🔥

🔥 #BurningQuestions 🔥 Getting a job with your significant other...Yay or Nay? 🔥

Is the pocket square changing in the light, or are there two? I’ve seen lime/purple and yellow/black. #burningquestions #Dateline

Can anyone top Santa Casa Beach at @Bdtc150 tonight? And how about the #BurningQuestions best bets from @JasonBonnington, @apgath68, @grsugars and @nikkitaj10. Watch the full show ( then switch on TrotsVision at #thetrots ( at 5.40.

Will Banglez class or Queen's ring-craft claim honours in the @CatanachsJewel Victoria Trotters Oaks? Who better than @grsugars, who'll steer the favourite, to tell us how he thinks it will pan out via this week's #BurningQuestions. #TheTrots Full show:

Is Plymouth Chubb that rare freshman trotter we can call a moral in the IRT Australia Tatlow Stakes? The #BurningQuestions panel of @grsugars, @apgath68, @JasonBonnington and @nikkitaj10 break it down ahead of tonight's @Bdtc150 #thetrots. Full show:

To cut or not to cut. That is the question. 💇‍♀️ no cut or color for two years. Time to take the plunge or keep pandemic long hair? #BurningQuestions #Haircut

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