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This is super dangerous. Landeskog has a hearing, with his suspension history this could easily be 5+ games. Doesn’t say if it’s in person or not. #CHIvsCOL…

We’re two days in and the #NHLPA already has a possible suspension worthy hit to deal with #Landeskog #CHIvsCOL

Awesome game for my first opening night in person. What a win!!!!! @Avalanche @NHL #GoAvsGo  #CHIvsCOL

The #Blackhawks lose the season-opener to the @Avalanche 5-2, and begin the season with a 0-1-0(0PTS) record. Up next for the @NHLBlackhawks the @NJDevils Friday evening 7:00PM ET, Newark NJ. #CHIvsCOL #BelieveInOneGoal…

Just saw this on ig feel sorry for hawks fans #CHIvsCOL

Oh one last thing… If “Enter Sandman” becomes a permanent part of the intros and hype moments I will like… Not be mad. #CHIvsCOL #goavsgo

@NatStatTrick Quality vs. Quantity & Expected Goals Rate / 60 at the end of the game (via @NatStatTrick). #CHIvsCOL

@NatStatTrick Linemate & Opposition Data (TOI, CF% and xGF%) at the end of the game (via @NatStatTrick). #CHIvsCOL

@NatStatTrick Individual, on-ice, forward lines & defensive pairs at the end of the game (via @NatStatTrick). #CHIvsCOL

Team Overview stat percentages - 5v5 (SVA) at the end of the game (via @NatStatTrick). #CHIvsCOL

The Avs, and especially Landeskog, are very hate-able. #CHIvsCOL

Final thoughts -35 is an absolute monster and I think we’re going to grow to love him -Minor turtle there in the 2nd but eh? - I loved Helm. He brought an intentional physicality that seemed to trickle down to the whole team. -Hockey is so damn back. #CHIvsCOL #goavsgo

So damn good to see the Hawks back on the ice. Tough debut in Colorado but the Avs are legit. Gotta work on some of the miscues and turnovers.. It’s only Game One! Onto New Jersey! #GoHawks #Blackhawks #CHIvsCOL

Seith Jonesめっちゃ注目して観てたけど、キラリと光る処はあったけどここもまだ馴染んでない感じする。今日はただ「思ってたよりデケェな」って印象笑。でもこれは戦力になると思う。タレントも良いし夢しかないな! #CHIvsCOL #Blackhawks

#CHIvsCOL has concluded! Yet another night of excellent officiating from the most iconic referee in the National Hockey League, Graham Skilliter. This game provided us with even more evidence that he is the greatest of all time. Amazing! 🤩 #GoAvsGo #Chicago #NHL

Love to send all the Chicago fans in Denver home SAD. Suck it #CHIvsCOL

End of Period Stat Leaders - Time On Ice: 28:19 (Jones) Shots: 5 (Dach) Hits: 4 (McCabe) Faceoff Wins: 16 (Toews) Giveaways: 1 (Toews) Takeaways: 2 (Carpenter) Blocked: 6 (de Haan) #CHIvsCOL

Eat a dick Chicago. Enjoy taste of that L #CHIvsCOL

優勝候補Coloradoとどこまで出来るか凄い楽しみだったけど、まぁ良いんじゃない?コンビネーションさえ合ってくれば相当やりそうな気がする。 #CHIvsCOL #Blackhawks

Byram looked great tonight...fucking love it #CHIvsCOL

FINAL #Blackhawks 2 #GoAvsGo 4 SOG: 36-34 COL A game that was not as close as the score indicates. Chicago got railroaded out of the gate and never had a chance to recover. It's only one game, the first game, but there's so much that needs improvement. #CHIvsCOL

After the way that game started, I’m ok. There’s a lot to fix (and still a big ❓ behind the bench), but things got better after the start. And the Avs look great of course… but shouldn’t be as proud as they are of beating a bunch of kids (and being dirty to boot). #CHIvsCOL

There we go boys..solid 1st game for the Avs #CHIvsCOL

.⁦⁦@AvsPackersFan⁩ WE WON!! 🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒 #CHIvsCOL #NHLonTNT #GoAvsGo 🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒

At the end of the game the Avalanche defeat the Blackhawks by a score of 4 to 2. #GoAvsGo #Blackhawks #CHIvsCOL

#CHIvsCOL Hawks will play them again. Maybe they can end Landeskogs season. Scumbag cheapshot and then skates right off into the lockerroom. What a 🐱🐱🐱

What a play by ⁦@43_Kadri⁩ That was almost a goal for Blackhawks. #CHIvsCOL #NHLFaceOff

Gabriel Landeskog can fuck all the way off for this garbage hit on a defenseless Kirby Dach #Blackhawks #HockeyTwitter #CHIvsCOL #NHL

Go go go @Avalanche!! 🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒 #CHIvsCOL #NHLonTNT #GoAvsGo 🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒🌟🏒

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