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@MrRJNKNS This only addresses what was already addressed a long time ago just never took action on it!! Time is now to #CancelStudentDebt all of it!! @POTUS @VP @SenateDems @SenateGOP and return bankruptcy protections bill S.2598

Sent this to a job that keeps rejecting me but keeps posting the same job every week. #jobsearch #JobsLie #GreatResignation #hiring #CancelStudentDebt

Today would be a good day for @POTUS to cancel student debt and boost morale after last nights horrible Senate vote #CancelStudentDebt

@MaryMorientes @melluk2020 @POTUS He campaigned on forgiving $10000 for everyone that have student debt. Not everyone got that . #CancelStudentDebt for all , not just some.

I am very curious to know so this poll is for everyone who has #studentloans regardless of generation. Who/what was responsible for forcing you to "go college to get a better job"? #studentloanforgiveness #StudentLoanDebtCrisis #CancelStudentDebt

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