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Exiting House speaker #KevinMcCarthy reminds me of former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark. They both couldn't count the votes. #cdnpoli

@PierrePoilievre You embarrassed yourself by giving 2 different Turkey prices that were from boutique stores only freeloading millionaire landlords like you send your chef to buy. Next you'll think you need ID to shop. #PierreTurkey is out of touch. @CPC_HQ #cdnpoli…

@james_redsky @bk_belton I just love it how almost every RWNJ calls Liberals an opposite sex name, hoping it somehow makes a dent. It only makes them look stupid. #IStandWithTrudeau 🍁 #cdnpoli 🇨🇦

@ABDanielleSmith Actually no. The Government of Canada in the Parliament of Canada speaks for all Canadians. You may argue that a mere provincial pension plan is better, a pension plan with fewer contributors and higher vulnerability to the provincial economy. That's all. You are wrong.#cdnpoli

"Not a Genocide" - Historian Dr. Ian Gentles wrote an in-depth look at the #ResidentialSchools, concluding that they were not genocidal. In part 1 of his study, he looks at diseases and nutrition in the schools. #cdnpoli…

@s_guilbeault @GregFergus First Speaker with Ethics violations is more accurate #cdnpoli

@SarahFischer__ I also cannot wait for this period to end. I'd like to return to a period when the Director of Communications for our official opposition had sufficient integrity NOT to engage in the dissemination of propagandist lies and outrageous 🐂💩 #cdnpoli

Historic moment! Congratulations to @GregFergus on being elected as the first person of colour to become the Speaker of the House of Commons. Major milestone. 👏🏽 #cdnpoli

@s_guilbeault @AdaptFutures @ouranos_cc Another inexorable climate group think festival that has zero tolerance for doubt. Sad. #cdnpoli #com #uspoli

@Carolannbagan @CraigBaird This tradition is quite common in Commonwealth countries that use the Westminster parliamentary system. Dragging the (newly elected) Speaker of the House of Commons has more than a bit of "history"... 😌 #QP #CdnPoli

@denisrancourt When I questioned our local Council about financial indescretions, they refused, regrouped & replied "this is a chamber of reverence, not of protest", accidentally referencing "their Exalted Rulers". (Lodge leaders) An occultic brotherhood operates the theater of #cdnpoli.

@bk_belton It's true, #PierrePoilievre is done. Without saying PPs name, our new HoC Speaker put him in his place today, told The House that decorum is back, & no one speaks without being first acknowledged & politeness is back in vogue. 👏👏👏 Also, those polls were whack. #cdnpoli 🇨🇦

@JustinTrudeau YOU and YOUR policies are what caused the combined housing and inflation crisis. Its time to cancel the #carbonTax and get some new leadership in Ottawa. #TrudeauNazi #TrudeauResign #cdnpoli

@VictheDope @GasPriceWizard You mean the ones that honor Nazis, honor communists, invite terrorists and pedophiles into the Prime Ministers office are not extremists? Who knew #cdnpoli

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau. “How did you go bankrupt?” Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” ― Hemingway #cdnpoli

Congratulations to this year's winner and finalist of the First Peoples Law's Indigenous Law Student Scholarship, Raven Richards and Sophia Sidarous! Meet Raven, Sophia + the honourable mentions @ #IndigenousRights #IndigenousLawStudents #cdnpoli

@DrJacobsRad Gotta love how Canadian conservatives will throw their lot in with open authoritarians so long as it allows them the chance to take potshots at Trudeau. Modi's violent nationalist foreign policy no biggie I guess? #cdnpoli

@CBCNews Funny picture from CBC as the Liberals are passing a bill to allow the supply managed sectors to rip off consumers even more than they do now #cdnpoli

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Dr.Drew Show with @DrKellyVictory We discuss skyrocketing of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Turbo Cancers, possible mechanisms (immune injury, spike, LNPs), DNA plasmid contamination, etc @drdrew @twc_health #DiedSuddenly #cdnpoli #ableg…

Dear Liberal Party, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your policies have failed, however whatever you're smoking seems to be of the highest quality. #Cdnpoli…

@KristinRaworth Calling out Pierre for saying the Canadian Press “should stop acting as the communications arm of the PMO.” is not being hard on him! It’s calling out his CONSTANT LIES!! #Cdnpoli #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou

A new poll says most Canadians want the carbon tax scrapped. Political columnist @brianlilley shares the details on @BridgeCityNews. Brian also talks about how Premier Smith is taking her fight against the so-called clean energy grid to Ottawa.… #cdnpoli

@TorontoStar Trudeau/Singh government caused relations to be extremely difficult. Media covers up for the worst PM in history. #cdnpoli #CdnMediaFailed

Dear Parents and Guardians Your hard-earned $sss are thrown at 👇kind of research by @fordnation and @Sflecce . This government funded nonsense is from education researchers at Guelph University in Ontario. #Guelph #cdnpoli #schools…

The official Twitter account of the scumbag terrorist @LatifaMRM, daughter of Dubai's Dictator Mohamad Maktoum. Mohamad Maktoum has tortured two of his daughters. #MLBPlayoffs #NextLevel #McCarthy #BlueJays #cdnpoli

@melaniejoly @GregFergus Apparently a guy with only one ethics violation is the best the @liberal_party have. So sad for Canada #cdnpoli

Varcoe: Alberta business leaders urge Ottawa for 'regional' approach to federal push for net-zero power grid by 2035… #ableg #yyc #yeg #cdnpoli

@RobertFife This is rich. Trudeau accuses the Indian PM of ordering a hit on a terrorist Trudeau was hiding and now the Liberals want diplomatic talks. Come on Robert you are better than just repeating Katies stories #cdnpoli #CdnMediaFailed

Get used to increasing costs of living far beyond what we've already seen! If you are UNWILLING to curb immigration and UNABLE to address supply... you cannot fix what is happening! #liberals #TrudeauDestroyingCanada #canada #cdnpoli #ottawa #HousingCrisis #costofliving #health

@wjameswright @journo_dale Turkey prices haven't changed. Just don't shop where freeloader #PierreTurkey, the millionaire Landlord, sends his chef to shop. @CPC_HQ, out of touch... #cdnpoli #Thanksgiving

@wyatt_claypool I only take note of #cdnpoli to check their #Gaslightoftheday. They all are in default of their promise to govern Canada's democracy.

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