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Passing #BuildBackBetter will help parents like Quintin by extending the #ChildTaxCredit payments from last year. Those tax credits made a big impact cutting child poverty but families lost that help this month. Congress, we need Build Back Better now. #NHPolitics

Louisiana families have seen their final #ChildTaxCredit unless the Senate takes action. If the Senate doesn't act, more than 1 million Louisiana children will lose out. #lasen…

Please check your transcript on the IRS website portal for your Child Tax Credit amounts… Sadly 😢 , people are complaining they receiving the wrong amounts in their IRS letter 6419. #wegotthis💪 #TaxTwitter #taxes #ChildTaxCredit #taxrefund

State Rep. @SeanScanlonCT, Chair of the Fiance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee breaks down the work that goes into putting together the state budget and lowering taxes for working and middle-class people. #TaxReform #ChildTaxCredit

"Regardless of what people are spending this money on, we know people need more cash in their pocket." - @JQhudson, CT Voices External Affairs Director on CT's #ChildTaxCredit #CTVoicesBudgetForum

The #ChildTaxCredit helped working families in Wisconsin with the costs of raising kids. Passing @POTUS' #BuildBackBetter bill would ensure families continue to receive this critical support.…

In 2021, the federal government sent out relief checks, the monthly expanded #ChildTaxCredit, expanded unemployment assistance, and more to help families get by. Most of those programs have expired. As Omicron cases rise, it's time to restart these programs. Read more:…

SUCH #GoodNews & reinforcement that when we #investupstream in concrete #economicsupports for families we CAN #PreventChildAbuse. This is why #childcare, #ChildTaxCredit and #PaidLeaveForAll are critical policy investments that #Congress should prioritize.…

More importantly, we are worried that administrative burdens will keep parents from getting the rest of the 2021 #ChildTaxCredit. Parents need to know that they must file a 2021 tax return to get their complete credit! Sign up for FREE filing help at!

Poverty is a policy choice: it is indefensible that Congress is choosing to allow 4.3 million children to fall back into poverty by not extending the expanded #ChildTaxCredit.…

The rocky Capitol Hill journeys of the #ChildTaxCredit, #BuildBackBetterAct, & #VotingRights have been hard to follow even for the pros. Next Wed at 12-1 pm ET, join our @karendolan & @topefolarin for an explainer on where these bills are now. Sign up:…

Gratitude to WV families (and beyond!) speaking up for the #ChildTaxCredit -- and a tip: follow @teddy_wv as those stories come to DC!…

@jb_phelps @LFFriedman @CoralMDavenport "build back better" claims to be for "climate action" while at the same time proposing an endless regressive, anti-progressive, anti-#climateaction #childtaxcredit. maybe they should UNBUNDLE the #bbb package and pass what can be agreed on- clean energy, not #breederbucks

How hard would it have been to put a reasonable income cap on the #ChildTaxCredit? Not a work requirement, which is dumb, but an income limit.

As we near tax filing season, use our Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit calculator to find out how much you can save from your child care expenses: #childtaxcredit

@GOPChairwoman American Rescue Plan that helped local governments, everyday Americans with the #ChildTaxCredit, stimulus ✅Return to Paris Agreement #ClimateActionNow ✅End war in Afghanistan ✅Infrastructure bill ✅Vaccine rollout #BidenYear1Wins

@Jim_Jordan American Rescue Plan that helped local governments, everyday Americans with the #ChildTaxCredit, stimulus ✅Return to Paris Agreement #ClimateActionNow ✅End war in Afghanistan ✅Infrastructure bill ✅Vaccine rollout #BidenYear1Wins

Citing Niskanen research, @abhabhattarai underscores that an expanded #childtaxcredit would boost consumer spending by $27 billion a year and create approximately 500,000 full-time jobs.…

👉"My family escaped poverty but, despite my best efforts, my kids will never escape the memory of the way poverty felt & we will never forget which elected officials brought all those feelings back when they turned their back on the #childtaxcredit"👈…

W/o the monthly #ChildTaxCredit this January, child poverty rates are projected to jump nationally…

We need more Dems like @RepSwalwell who are willing to call out the @GOP for their hypocrisy & lies. Reps who take credit for what they've done & who say what the @GOP didn't. The GOP voted against #infrastucture, #ChildTaxCredit & #VotingRights. Don't let them say otherwise.…

TODAY AT 1 PM! Learn how school leaders can help families in their community receive the #ChildTaxCredit. Join @Voice4HumanNeed & @4americaschild for our webinar! Register here 👉…

@WhiteHouse Didn’t @POTUS come out and say this basically was taken out of the reworked bill to get Manchin on board? If Dems take out a tax cut for middle class families they will get clobbered at mid terms and will deserve it. #ChildTaxCredit

The #ChildTaxCredit "is the only way we’ve kept food on the table. For a lot of the working poor, it gave us a chance to finally take a freaking breath and not stress so much about how the bills get paid every month." - Melissa, a mom from Mississippi.

✅American Rescue Plan that helped local governments, everyday Americans with the #ChildTaxCredit, stimulus ✅Return to Paris Agreement #ClimateActionNow ✅End war in Afghanistan ✅Infrastructure bill ✅Vaccine rollout #BidenYear1Wins

¡Anda! Kaidel Axel PR se encontraron con Paquito y esto fue lo que pasó. Dale play. A partir del 24 de enero comienza el proceso para reclamar el #ChildTaxCredit. Más información en @SecHacienda @DptoHacienda #ReclamaCTC

@ROBWGRAY @TheDemocrats It is like the #BuildBackBroke lie. Dems tell you that the majority of the country support the extension of the #ChildTaxCredit, what they don’t tell you is the most recent version of the bill only funded it for 1 of 10 years in order to disguise the overall cost.

@MeidasTouch @jan_forney (and don't blame #Sinema or #Manchin, either, because they're simply doing #DNC's direct bidding, making sure "nothing fundamentally changes for the rich" by supporting the poor with #ChildTaxCredit and #minimumwage, just like #JoeBiden wants.. removed from committees? Nope..)

@MeidasTouch @jan_forney (and don't say the #ChildTaxCredit, it gave 6 thin months of false security, mid-#pandemic and mid-#ClimateCrisis, and giving and then taking it might have been *more* harmful than never having given it at all.. people *might* have trusted #DNC to be humane and continue support)

@Virginiansagai1 @YouTube Wow, way to bring up the talking points! #minimumwage is just that minimum. Every American citizen has already has the right to vote. #votingrights #ChildTaxCredit already exsists. I receive it! Oh and I am vaccinated.

Our 21st #CTVoicesBudgetForum is starting soon! Register now at, watch live on…, or follow along here as we live-tweet the event. #EconomicJustice #CTBabyBonds #CT #ChildTaxCredit

@rexzane1 Who put off the impression that the "nothing fundamentally changing for the untaxed rich" folks have any interest in being "more effective". No #ChildTaxCredit, stagnant #minimumwage, mass #eviction, horrific #COVID maiming, collapsing #schools and #hospitals.. Effective?

@dcpetterson Remember #ChildTaxCredit? The kids #DNC keeps in purposeful #poverty do, especially the ones that lost a caregiver via #Democrats "#COVID response" negligence (#InsurrectionistTrump started it, but then #Biden killed #remotelearning and sent 50mil unvaccinated kids to #school.

@joncoopertweets Shots in arms, money in my family's household via the #ChildTaxCredit , jobs creation, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, decency and transparency in the communication coming from the White House and some level of normalcy has been returned to us after four years of chaos. 💙✌️

Whether or not we're facing a national crisis, babies need strong economic and social supports to thrive. Congress, #ThinkBabiesAndAct and invest in America's babies. #PaidLeaveForAll #SolveChildCare #ChildTaxCredit @ZEROTOTHREE

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