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There were one video of a medley mash up of #chromatica album that included love me right at the end of the video mashed up with #Babylon. This medley was one of the best on YouTube. It got down and I’ve been trying to find it for months with no hopes. PLZ contact me if u hv it!

I wish that the Chromatica Ball Film will be released in the theaters, though I know this is not gonna happen. #chromatica #ladygaga #lilmonster #chromaticaball

FREE WOMAN DEMO VERSION da @ladygaga pisa tanto na versão final do album #chromatica

Não esperava menos do que o #chromatica dominando o top 5 Alice single do meu ❤️

#Chromatica has been my top album now for three years in a row and I have no shame

I remember being sooo excited watching this for the first time 😩🔥💛✨ song of the year, album of the decade #Chromatica…

All I need is #Chromatica ! #LadyGaGa fans what’s your favorite album out of these five?

@allurequinn I thought it was her highest reviewed album?? It was a definite brightspot during Covid. I so looked forward to it being released. #Gaga #Chromatica

The audacity this fandom has asking Lady Gaga for a "Sour Candy" and "Bloody Mary" music video. If you want record labels to fund them, then give them a reason to. #Chromatica #BornThisWay…

@atylerisborn @zourkendy Omgosh, I was sitting outside on the top of my vehicle's hood blasting the premiere of #Chromatica. Never forget that feeling I had with myself.

In honour of #LG7 coming, I present to you my #Chromatica themed nails! #LadyGaga

I rarely listen to the whole album tracklist but Chromatice is an exception. This album is just on another level, another dimension, the Chromatica world. #chromatica #ladygaga #lilmonster

@marsnowserve Queria tanto que lá fizesse agora em dezembro, um especial da ERA #CHROMATICA ☯️ #Christmas2023 🎅🏾🎄

Esse photoshoot feito pelo Frederik Heyman é muito impecável, é o meu preferido depois de BTW. #chromatica #gaga #ladygaga

not me still wanted the spiritual ones tribe embossed leak in jpg like the purple droplets symbol one too #chromatica @popa911

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