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The way I NEED @AppleTVPlus to pick this up! There is no excuse for a full scale film production to take place at the #ChromaticaBallLA only to have the footage not be used. Looking at you too @netflix @hulu @hbomax, get on this for the #LittleMonsters. Make it happen! @ladygaga…

Went to the Thanskgiving free food today and the line reminded me of the (wrong) line at #ChromaticaBallLA but at least I didn’t miss Bad Romance Just Dance and Poker Face like some others

I know the year isn’t over yet, but being this close to @ladygaga for two nights was absofuckinglutely my biggest flex of all of 2022. Still in disbelief two months later that I was lucky enough to attend this. #ChromaticaBall #ChromaticaBallLA #ChromaticaBallSF #Gaga #LadyGaga

Bro im exposing myself so hard in this photo 😭🤚🏽please dont judge or do i dont fucking care i saw @ladygaga that close #chromaticaballla #gay #crybaby

another thing I realized: other than on Snapchat, I didn’t post a damn picture from our week in LA and #ChromaticaBallLA 🔥🫣

Judas sem dúvidas foi umas das músicas da gaga onde ela deu um tapa na sociedade cristã e se tornando uma das maiores artistas pop #ladygaga #music #pop #LittleMonster #ChromaticaBallLA

Beautiful day in Indy for running errands!! #fangirling hard today for the #queenofkindness ❤️@ladygaga. Hoodie by #ChromaticaBallLA, amazing new Foundation from @hauslabs and vintage Gucci watch from @HouseOfGucciMov @vipfanauctions. #practicingkindness

seeing Monster live was truly a life-changing experience #ChromaticaBallLA

Since going to the #ChromaticaBallLA I’m obsessed all over again with @ladygaga ‘s music.

Is that the-" "Exclusive #ChromaticaBallLA hoodie that cost ninety fucking dollars and sold out in less than 40 minutes ?! Well, yes!"

El mejor día de mi vida 😍 mil gracias Lady Gaga 🫶🏼🫶🏼 #ChromaticaBallLA

I cried the entire time she sang/played piano during this song at #ChromaticaBallLA and I’m surprised no one around me asked “Are you okay?” because I was actually mentally ill.…

My ride or die, my girl Isa, her and Sam, without them holy shit i wouldn’t have been able to do it #ChromaticaBallLA 😭

#ChromaticaBallLA was the most amazing experience ever, camping with the most amazing people, regardless of the drama we all helped and took care of each other, being line leader was definitely an experience

Not to be dramatic but…I still can’t believe I saw this.🥹 @ladygaga #ChromaticaBall #ChromaticaBallLA #ChromaticaBallLosAngeles

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