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@ladygaga Will ALWAYS ❤️YOU @ladygaga #ChromaticaBallMiami All the #ChromaticaBall s Were UNFORGETTABLE! After 2 Hard years, I Needed Them So Bad! Ty & ❤️You!❤️😘🥰

Compensating for not hearing it at #chromaticaballmiami? Maybe.

The story of #ChromaticaBallMiami in emojis. 💻 💳 🎫 😁 ✈️ 💺 🏙️ 😎 4️⃣ ⏰ 🛗 😵‍💫 🎵 💃 🏟️ 🥹 ⛈️ ⚡️ 🛑 🤬 ☁️ 🏃‍♀️ 🔙 🤡 🏟️ 🔜 ⁉️ 🤔 🙅‍♀️ 🚫 ❌ 😪

The I'm Not Having Fun Tonight hats should've been sent to everyone who had a ticket to #ChromaticaBallMiami tbh

Still Can’t believe I witnessed this She’s so Sexy 🔥I love you @ladygaga #ChromaticaBallMiami

just found this 😩 recorded as soon as gaga walked off the stage #ChromaticaBallMiami should be a documentary on its own tbfh @MonsterStarGaga

I wish @ladygaga and her team sold the chromatica stadium tour hoodies online.. really pissed at myself. #ChromaticaBallMiami

anybody selling an atlanta or Miami chromatica ball hoodie? #ladygaga #ChromaticaBall #ChromaticaBallMiami #ChromaticaBallAtlanta

@ladygaga⁩ thank you for this moment. Thank you for your authenticity, your kindness, your spirit! We 🫶🏻 you and cannot wait until we can see you perform live again! #chromaticaballmiami #ladygaga #edgeofglory #love #littlemonster #pawsup…

@vlonegaga Is it parody if it actually happened to people at #ChromaticaBallMiami djdjxjxkxkxkx

@momgerm @BTWFoundation @MEnista It Was Truly Such A Pleasure To Meet You @momgerm & Personally Thank You for & Maya For All You Do with @BTWFoundation At #ChromaticaBallMiami 💖You All!

@ladygaga to make up for the Miami show, we want “love me right” on all platforms! Respectfully all the little monsters 🙃 #ChromaticaBallMiami

Me still at the #ChromaticaBallMiami waiting for Gaga to sing enigma, stupid love, rain on me + hold my hand 🥲…

@ladygaga just by fightin for years 2 be urself u saved many people & me. I haven’t been online much for my mental health but I need 2 share ILY so much & keep doing what feels right I promise the real little monsters will follow 💕 #ChromaticaBallMiami #chromaticaballhouston

Let’s pay attention to the fact that #ChromaticaBallMiami didn’t finish and it was still better than most tours by your favorite artists ! #facts

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