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@PierrePoilievre please stop Trudeau. The Trudeau government is expanding the power of the Canadian Revenue Agency to automatically fill out our income tax forms.#powergrab #conflictofinterest

Danielle's still coming for your pension money. Even you, UCP voters. In the meantime, this is happening -> Actual #ConflictOfInterest…

I feel the FDA should be 2 separate administrations. Too easy to poison the food then sell you the cures. #ConflictOfInterest

@DrLoupis examples of Congressional, Supreme Court, and Presidential Insider trading. They know what companies to invest in ahead of time because they directly influence the markets. #insidertrading #ban #congress #trades #treason #lawmakers #stocks #conflictofinterest

Trudeau govt expanding power of CRA to calculate and file income tax returns. CRA acting as tax filer and tax collector conflict of interest. CRA largest arm of fed 59,000 staff. #CRA #liberals #conflictofinterest #CTF

DYK, public office holders must arrange their private affairs in a way that will prevent them from being in a #ConflictOfInterest? See more rules in the #COIAct that they must follow: #CdnPoli #Ethics

Sabka Number Aaega. Next time you Light a Candle, Vote or March for a Law... ..Think about your Grandson facing false cases in this country full of #GenderBiasedLaws, The #Feminist manipulating you is heavily funded and haVE #ConflictOfInterest. #ICMI23 #MenToo @realsiff…

I know my mom wants me to find a good wife, but I also know she would never turn down an opportunity to be on @DatelineNBC 20/20. #conflictofinterest

@KateEMcCann A lower level of iInflation means prices are rising, but slightly less. How is paying more for things comparable to a tax cut that directly benefits Sunak's family. Massive #ConflictofInterest

Looks like the SEC doesn't play by its own rules. Bad for $XRP, good for the rest of us dabbling in #DeFi. #DontTrustTheSEC #RegCapture #ConflictOfInterest

I like the ideals of political parties. It’s possible to support all ideals. The problem starts when people use the political party for their own personal gain. Then it turns into a sinking ship for all. Keep parties; but the President should be Independent. #conflictofinterest

ثبوت تو بد عنوان عمران نیازی کی کرپشن کے خلاف ارشد شریف مرحوم کے پاس بھی بہت تھے ارشد شریف مرحوم خان حکومت کی رووزویلٹ ہوٹل کی پرائیوٹائزیشن مین بدنیتی اور #ConflictOfInterest کی تفصیلات بتاتے ہوئے #قوم_کی_جان_عمران_خان #پراجیکٹ_عمران_کا_احتساب_کرو

Independent parent carer forum, tasked with the responsibility of holding these organisations to account for their long and ongoing SEND failures, funded by the same organisations 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ConflictOfInterest #scrappcfs

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