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@RichMuny @ACTBrigitte Tell me you know that “finding” a crime and “looking” for a crime are different…🤣🤣🤣 #criminaltrump

#CRIMINALtrump getting ready for the rest of his miserable life💯…

@FoxNews It's not a fraud. Trump is the only FRAUD and will pay for committing Fraud in New York! #CorruptTrump #TrumpIsACriminal #CriminalTrump

@ACTBrigitte Quit lying lady🤨 President Biden doesn't have ANYTHING to do with #CriminalTrump's CHOSEN crimes. President Biden doesn't need to have trump arrested to beat him. He beat him before and can do it again. Trump idolizes War Criminal Putin. He wants to be like him.

@Jim_Jordan Call him what you want, as long as justice is served I wouldn’t give a flying fart what you call him 😳 #CriminalTrump #MAGACult #VoteBlue #VoteBlue2024 #FraudsterTrump #VoteBlueEveryElection

@HouseGOP⁩ ⁦@SenateGOP⁩ ALL the 50 PLUS years of CRIMINALITIES finally catching up with #CriminalTrump ! Here, in the USA, NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW.

Love that Mary’s trolling her uncle and I am here for it, yesssss👏🏾 . Trump in this picture here looks like hell, lol 😆 😂🤣 haha 😛! #TrumpCourtHearing #CriminalTrump #TrumpForPrison2024 #TrumpIsATraitor…

@TeamTrump @JasonMillerinDC You all are some horrible ppl. Are u saying that bc James campaigned on holding #CriminalTrump accountable for crimes he committed in New York, she is interfering in next year's Election? That's dumb. Trump is running for President to OBSTRUCT his Prosecutions. It's clear to see.

Babbling like the 5150 that he is. #CriminalTrump on D... blah, blah, blah. Deluded AF in NYC.

“...single greatest witch hunt of all time...racist Atty's a scam, it's a sham...” So Vote For Me: Inmate #000045! #CriminalTrump | NYC

Well then certain @HouseDemocrats need to STFU! @GOP is bigley "concerned" about a fire alarm, yet they defend #CriminalTrump! By that logic, if #Trump had pulled the fire alarm, #Republicans would want keel haul him!?!🤣 #Idiots! #Trump pulled the alarm w/ his #Jan6CoupAttempt!…

I'm glad you're back @billmaher , but that was painful listening to that #MaryHam drone on abt poor #CriminalTrump. And why shld @POTUS not stick it out for a 2nd term? #CriminalTrump is not that much younger.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is as crooked as #CriminalTrump and the @GOP doesn't give a shit! They endorse anyone even Homegrown Terrorists!…

@mattgaetz Attention seeker thinks that this is good publicity. His keeper/mentor is a deranged conman about to go to prison or jump in front of a train to spite everyone. Either way, #CriminalTrump NEVER keeps his promises. Matty-boy is delusional. His career in politics is about to end.

@RepMattGaetz @SpeakerMcCarthy Spiteful child who actually thinks that #CriminalTrump is going to be able to boost his position. What a fool.

Sanders is cut from the same cloth as the rest of those deplorables. #TrumpTrash #CriminalTrump…

And Republicans are ALL a bunch of corrupt #dirtydogs out for themselves & #CriminalTrump #WeThePeople & country be damned

Also seems #Trump #MAGA @GOP do NOT understand what their job entails or the commitment to the oath of office OR Republicans know the job but REFUSE to do playing partisan political games to benefit THEMSELVES &/or RW messiah #CriminalTrump Tail is not supposed to wag the dog

@kylegriffin1 Of course @RogerMarshallMD voted AGAINST funding the government...he is only interested in appeasing #TraitorTrump! What does #CriminalTrump have on you Roger???

It's not that he's underrated or doing poorly, it that #media get sucked into #criminaltrump's dramas 24x7.…

@TamieUSCongress Gym should be locked up and resigned for abuse of legislative power to help a convicted #CriminalTrump found guilty of sexually attacking Ms Carroll. That poor woman didn't deserve that pig attacking her in a Store dressing room.

Possible devastation for tRUmp. Losing his showcase properties in NYC? Being unable to do business there? Ouch. #CriminaltRUmp #VoteBlueToStopTheStupid #wtpBLUE…

@LongIslander520 They deserve to have their pay checks pulled canceled They do t work for the country They work for #CriminalTrump

@rf_schatten @highbrow_nobrow @RonFilipkowski @matbo2 @artfudd @canilor Tfg ", Instructed the GOP Speaker that, "He must abandon Ukraine to help KILLER PUTIN, or GOP will shutdown the country ". It's time #CriminalTrump was locked up. US will never abandon Ukraine for Putin or Tfg! Never.

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