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#trumpIsALaughingStock #trump is dogshit on the shoes of every single #republican It is great that this is. A fact . #trumpcrimefamily is going to prison . I am looking forward to it . #criminaltrump #tytlive

@Cornish1969 @BusinessInsider Oh boy 👦 he keeps on showing his #leader qualities & his #management abilities daily. Yet another #billionaire proving the false equivalence between having money and being successful just like #CriminalTrump did

Something to be thankful for; something to be hopeful for. Thank you, #DOJ. And, hopefully, in addition to a LOT of coal in the #CriminalTrump’s Christmas stocking, Santa can drop an indictment or two (or 3 or 4) in there for you. ‘Tis the season. Happy and Merry to all!…

As usual #CriminalTrump does not condemn #Racism & #Antisemitism but claims he did not know person like he did in the case of #DavidDuke & the #ProudBoys & #GQP already knows that he is toxic to the party & the losses belong to #Trump & his #ClownShow of candidates spewing same

#StewartRhodes & his second in command condemned by a jury for sedition, a first in decades. Now let’s go after the #mastermind of the #TrumpCoupAttempt, #CriminalTrump himself for #sedition & #insurrection & violation of the oath he held to protect nation…

@theoldmanike Fears to call out #CriminalTrump by his name #cowardice, last time when he got the nomination had no issues with his wife joining that #Criminal #Administration

Everyone knows @realDonaldTrump is a mother fucking idiot . He is a racist and a criminal . #criminalTrump will go to prison . Hopefully with lots more #RacistRepublicans #tytlive

@DonaldJTrumpJr You seem to be have more outrage about #ElonMusk than #StewartRhodes’s guilty verdict‼️ Why??? It’s hitting a little too close to home??? #CriminalTrump is next.…

@ACTBrigitte You are like #CriminalTrump You point the finger at @Acosta when you really point the finger to yourself.…

@RosieResisting @MattGertz Totally agree, I couldn’t believe they had so little self awareness but I remember a #Jewish, ex friend thanks to #CriminalTrump’s support claiming to be worried about the prosecution of her child for being #white forgetting that he was #Jewish first and #Nazis don’t forgive that

@PoliticusSarah Tricks he learned from his dad, Fred Sr, & his mentor, Roy Cohn. #CriminalTrump's MO for dealing w ppl in his sphere was to find "dirt" on them, in case he ever needed leverage against them. That's how he'd make them do what he wanted. If they refused, he'd blackmail them.

@elonmusk They should you’re letting #criminaltrump #indurrectionist barred because he funded #Jan6thInsurrection thur @Twitter why he was banned also @RepMTG @RepMattGaetz @Jim_Jordan

@SenatorCollins Oh my God Senator, you are doing it again! This is similar to what you said about #CriminalTrump! You said he had learned his lesson. Are you senile or are you afraid of trump⁉️ Maine deserves better‼️…

#CriminalTrump meets with #WhiteSupremacists before Thanksgiving & hit it off. This is what you can expect if you support him as a candidate.… #2024

'Unambiguous felony': Donald #CriminalTrump at risk in IRS 'personal vendetta' audit investigation…

@bennyjohnson Bennie, you are completely full of crap spreading more lies. If it were up to the #CriminalTrumpParty, there would have been hundreds of thousands more deaths on top of the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths due to #CriminalTrump's incompetence

@SenateGOP And yet you insist on wasting time with bogus investigations of someone that does not hold a public office job & culture wars while insisting on holding #CriminalTrump unaccountable for his #CoupAttempt & incitement of #insurrection placing him above the laws of this country

#fakeConservative #criminalTrump is in serious trouble and does what #cowardTrump does by using juvenile insults. Maybe he should learn English. #dumbAssTrump #ripGOP #lockTrumpUp Trump CONTINUES to ATTACK Special Counsel Jack Smith NONSTOP via @YouTube

@Spamfan59 @tribelaw Yes, he was! And no matter how many times #CriminalTrump humiliates him, such as his dismissal as pres transition coordinator after he'd done all the work, he comes back for more. Btw, great article from Nov 2021, after Christie's book was published.…

For all of you who continue to support #CriminalTrump (@laurenboebert @RepMTG @tedcruz @TedBuddNC @GOPLeader) are complicit to say the least. If you had the balls that you want people to believe that you do, you would take a stand against this horrid and despicable bullshit.…

@D_jeneration Exactly there is nothing normal about #christofascist DeSantis. He is even more dangerous than #criminaltrump!

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