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I am getting very excited about the look of Luka and KPs chemistry so far #dalvslac

I am very encouraged by KPs defense #dalvslac

#DALvsLAC ゴールポスト直撃FG、むしろ綺麗だった 試合終盤のクロックコントロールの大切さがますます増していることを実感した。決勝ドライブは綺麗 接戦試合で反則によりTD2本消えるのは不幸

Wow the refs totally cheated for the Cowgirls against #Chargers #DALvsLAC

You all worked together to stop the QB. #DALvsLAC

#DALvsLAC - The OL was good in pass pro for the most part but the run blocking was really bad. Maybe Dallas was good but I'm leaning this was on the OL. Actually I'm sure it's on the Chargers line

#DALvsLAC - Ekeler looks great and Mike Williams and Herbert should be good together, glad they are figuring it out more this year. Expect it to continue probably. - Cook is a fine fantasy TE, he's there a lot and Herbert can been good for fantasy no doubt

#DALvsLAC - Herbert had another good game. Those turnovers were really bad tho. The one in the endzone especially. Not as many bad throws as las year which is really encouraging sign but you'll have to deal with some bad divisions and bad throws form time to time, like I've said

#DALvsLAC - Asante was a huge steal, IDK why more people don't listen to me - Adderly with good tackling, Derwin with kinda bad tackling. PPF loves Derwin, might have to rewatch those snaps this weekend to see what I'm missing - Bosa was kinda shut down for the most part

#DALvsLAC - Wilson was fine in limited work. Think I was right on with Lamb and Cooper but Cooper was kinda shut down this game. Will talk about that soon - Ok nvm let's get into, is Asante Samuel Jr. literally his dad already. Holy crap what a game on mostly Cooper

#DALvsLAC - Look if LVE can stay healthy he can be a good LB still - Get Cox involved please - Diggs has shown some really great flashes this year. Think he might be a really good corner even this year. Dallas D is coming together kinda quietly I think. Might be playoff worthy

#DALvsLAC Final Thoughts - Lots to say lots to say let's star with DAL - Pollard and Zeke both played well. Good blocking from Dallas lead to a lot of that. Pollard looked faster but Zeke was stronger. Good complement to each other - Parsons better be strictly a DE or I riot

#DALvsLAC - Nice catch by Cooper on the slant. Good throw - Wilson on a nice out route - Big field goal to end it

#DALvsLAC - Big tackle by Kenneth Murray behind the LOS - Zeke on the quick out route, good job being strong through the tackle - Nice cutting by Pollard but easily wrapped up by LAC - Zeke fine run up the middle, again very strong - Murray with a nice tackle on Zeke

#DALvsLAC - Herbert hits the back of Anthony Brown on a throw to Williams - Parsons coming at Herbert fast, faster than Herbert thought but barley get the throw away off - Diggs with nice coverage on Allen - Parsons almost getting there on third down

#DALvsLAC - Nice blocking for Jackson and had a nice little run. Jaylon Smith made a good tackle - Good tackle from Watkins on Jackson - Nice ball to Allen from Herbert who beat Diggs, knocks em out at the 1 - illegal shift takes away the nice play by Cook

#DALvsLAC - Jalen Guyton on a nice end around, good blocking - Jayron Kearse with a nice tackle in space on Stephen Anderson - Williams over the middle, wide open - Herbert almost outrunning Azur Kamara but he eventually caught up with Herbert after a few yards

#DALvsLAC - Nasir Adderley in tight coverage but Dak completed the pass to Dalton Schultz - Zeke with an ok cut but nothing doing - Jump ball, Adderly had ups, would have made a play if it was a lower ball - Good rush of the edge by Kyler Fackrel to the strip sack

#DALvsLAC - Pollard with a great run, looks really fast and smooth - Good cut outside by Pollard, another great run - Pollard ran right into the line, ehhhh could have been better - Nice tackle by Derwin James on the Ceedee screen

#DALvsLAC - PA, nice throw short to Guyton - Herbert to Williams but was way off target - IDK who Herbert was throwing to on his second pick, Terrible decision but Allen fell down. Doesn't matter Kearse probs would have picked it anyway. Diggs was on Allen

#DALvsLAC - Nice ball to Palmer for a first in zone from Herbert - PA, little high throw but Williams make the grab easy - Parnam was wide open for a score but def holding, I even saw it. Total failure by the OL - Good throw by Herbert to Ekeler but even better grab by Ekeler

#DALvsLAC - Nice break tackle by Ekeler on Keanu Neal and LVE - PA, throw in the flat - Low throw to Ekeler deep, bad ball but they got the holding call - Jackson with a nice strong run but couldn't shake the first tackle - PA, almost a turnover, not really on Herbert

#DALvsLAC - Screen to Pollard, good blocking and good run after the catch - Bad late throw by Dak to Ceedee, Ryan Smith was right there and made the easy tackle for a loss - Pressure, it got to Dak fairly quickly - Great job bouncing outside by Ekeler, big fan of that run

#DALvsLAC - Herbert with a good keep but only got a yard - Yes let Parsons run wild on the edge, yessss - Nice strong running from Zeke, breaking tackles easily - Ceedee very open, good decision and good tackle by Adderley - Great fast run through the hole by Zeke, great run

#DALvsLAC - Deep ball, good throw. Williams is wide open on Diggs, disappointed in Diggs - Good job shaking off Malik Hooker by Ekeler in the backfield then gets a good gain - Lazy ball to Ekeler who waits too long and is tackled in the backfield

#DALvsLAC - Nice run by Ekeler, good initial stop by Odighizuwa - Third and short LAC OL collapses - 4th down, easy push - Herbert with a strike deep to Mike Williams on Malik Hooker - Broken screen play - Herbert with almost another pick, Jayron Kearse almost got there

#DALvsLAC - Parsons with more pressure on another great rush, I love him - Herbert with his first real bad throw with 7 seconds to go. Wow, what a jump - Fucking shit Zeke almost scored at the end of the half, what a play by Ceedee before the lateral

#DALvsLAC - Quick throw to Cook with Kearse in coverage on the slant - Parsons showing good power on his rush too. exciting to see him play there on multiple downs in a row :) :) :) - Herbert with a fine run - Quick ball to Ekeler, Jaylon Smith in coverage

#DALvsLAC - Pressure and Herbert tosses it in the flat for no gain - Blitz, Herbert avoided the initial pressure but got sacked by LVE - Nice keep on the RPO, then quick toss to Allen, great play - Parsons with a great rush on Storm Norton, please just make him a pass rusher

#DALvsLAC - Nice step up from Dak but low throw to Amari, Asante in tight coverage. Is he shutting Amari down in his second game? Oh noooo - Stuffed Ekeler, nowhere to go - Herbert going through reads and found Williams, nice - Another nice slant by Williams on Anthony Brown

#DALvsLAC - Zeke back in, nice dive to get more yards, good cutting too. Looking better than Pollard was before he subbed in - Deep ball out of bounds by Dak - Screen to Wilson for like 5, fine - Tight coverage by Kemon Hall on Blake Jarwin but he reels it in anyway

#DALvsLAC - Nice blocking on the two point attempt rushing score - Pressure, quick ball to Cooper, Asante in coverage made the tackle - Nice cut by Pollard breaking Bosa's tackle - Pollard ran into the line, bad run - Wilson with some great jukes, broke like 4 guys ankles

#DALvsLAC - Holding on the big hole play lol - Quick ball to Jalen Guyton - Ekeler ran into the pile but good job pushing it - Cross body throw to Herbert to a wide open Mike Williams - Quick ball to Williams, shook off Brown and dove for the TD, nice play by Mike

#DALvsLAC - Fine cut from Ekeler, but DAL is right there - DAL D all over the next play, pressure on Herbert from an unblocked player and DAL swarmed Ekeler in the flat - Herbert under pressure, nice ball to Cook for a first down - Fine run by Justin Jackson through a huge hole

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