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Bueno, si ya me quitaron a mis #DallasCowboys me queda este súper Halfitme Show !!…

Dont forget, the design of @ATTStadium cost Cowboys 3 pts when Wilson couldnt see that pass. He was in FG range. He’s practically glowing from the sun 😂 At the end of the game Cowboys would be playing for a FG & not a TD, big 3 pts missed here. Thanks Jerry #DallasCowboys

FEAR FACTOR ‘Stupid, Undisciplined Losing': #MichaelIrvin Offers ‘Fear Factor’ to Fix #DallasCowboys No. 1 Problem… via @fishsports

The Herd joins the cacophony of sport talking head fools who dis Dallas' Mike McCarthy. Yet Mike has an enviable record if success as an NFL head Coach who was quite successful in Green Bay despite the dysfunctional front office, which he also has in Dallas.#DallasCowboys

2 most unpredictable things in Texas: our Cowboys and the weather….🤷🏻‍♂️#Dallascowboys #CowboysNation

@RealSkipBayless @undisputed Since Tony Romo became QB, the #DallasCowboys have the most NFC East titles. Can the Jags or Jets say that? #DallasCowboys THE SINNER & THE SAINT? Jerry and Sean Payton Gossip; My Day at The Star: Fish Report…

CED to ATL? Fixing the #Falcons: 5 Free Agent WR Targets - #DallasCowboys Cedrick Wilson?…

Here's the typical #DallasCowboys cycle. Finish 1st, play a 1st place schedule, struggle to a .500 record & barely make or just miss playoffs Play 2nd 3rd or 4th place schedule, look great against lesser competition, lose in playoffs Repeat cycle…

@TheSFNiners_ @49ers @MySportsUpdate Everyone wants to be DallasCowboys so bad they can’t stand it. If the Patriots can’t take our title as America’s Team what in the silly hell makes y’all think U can. Foolishness on your part !!! #DallasCowboys #AmericasTeam #CowboysNation #DC4L

If Dallas needs a physical Deebo type WR/RB, I believe C. Patterson would be an excellent fit! #DC4L #CowboysNation #Cowboys #DallasCowboys #wedemboyz

A Cringe Collapse, NFL Playoffs, and A Star is Born. Let’s talk about that @shemaiahonthebt. New Baller Boyz podcast tonight on @SpotifyGrnroom Check out our other eps here:… #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #DallasCowboys #NBAAllStar #NBA

@_KoreanHeir If you expect inept, a Jerry Jones team is for you. #DallasCowboys

Imagine how INEPT you have to be to keep Mike McCarthy after that unmitigated disaster of a season?? #DallasCowboys

After another heartbreaking early playoff exit, the Cowboys have some moves to make this offseason. What position(s) do you think they need to upgrade? #DallasCowboys  #NFL  #NFLTwitter…

Why are we allowing our $95M HB to play with torn PCL since week 4? 🥴 #CowboysNation #DallasCowboys…

@Cowboys_FanTalk There is a reason the Cowboys are the most penalized team in the league. The @NFL dosent like Jerry Jones and it shows every week. It's the penalties that happen every play on both sides that are not called. Then in a critical situation they call it to hurt the #DallasCowboys

Coordinators, season recap & more! ⬇️ Join our staff writers for a special podcast to breakdown the latest #DallasCowboys news.…

Trent Williams trolling Cowboys fans after Wild Card win is perfection (Riggo's Rag) The first round of the playoffs couldn't have gone better for fans of the Washington Footbal... Add your highlights:… #DallasCowboys #NFL

Cowboys DT Neville Gallimore asks fans to leave family alone after ... (The Landry Hat) Dallas Cowboys fans were all kinds of upset after the team's playoff loss to the 49ers.There... Add your highlights:… #DallasCowboys #NFL

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