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An actor in U.S. Army commercials has been accused of DV, prompting the Army to pause the effort.… #Army #DV #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence

Relentless! This abuser's history and behavior is extremely evil and dangerous. Please pray for the victim.… #WA #Spokane #DV #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #courtorder

These murders are making national headlines, with many asking why he was free to commit these atrocities.… #WA #ClarkCounty #DV #DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence

There are some jobs in society that have consequential “modifiers” when you harm us. LEO 👮🏻, Paramedics, Judges, Feds, Politicians & more. I 100% SUPPORT society adding even stronger modifiers for ppl who hurt kids than anyone. School shooters, #DomesticAbuse(rs), etc. It’s time.

“Emotional abuse is insidious: it can be loud, like name-calling, or quiet, like the absence of positive affirmation.” DR. MARIE HARTWELL-WALKER #Narcissist #Narcissisticabuse #Narcissisticabuserecovery #toxicrelationship #quote #dailyreminder #domesticabuse

Never forget, the UK classify male victims of #DomesticAbuse as victims of ‘violence against women’, even if the violence is *by* a woman. It sounds like a bad joke, but it isn't. We're lost in an ideological fog. What’s next, women who are homeless men? Look at this document!

Naoki Iwabuchi -a Japanese man with a 'self-defense briefcase' who specializes in "yonigeya" or "night moving"- is helping women facing domestic abuse disappear without a trace. #domesticabuse #helpingwomen #nightmoving #japan

Thru provision of access 2 intervention programs, education resources, & healthcare, DEFORA has contributed greatly to the reduction in #domesticabuse & #gbv cases in the Greater Ruwenzori Region rural areas. We're grateful to our donors & sponsors. #EndGBVTogether #humanrights

Are you a #domesticviolence survivor in the Bay Area in need of emergency shelter? Contact our friends at A Safe Place at 510-536-7233 or They have motels available for you and your family. #enddv #enddomesticviolence #stopdv #domesticabuse #stopabuse

@GoodScentiments @calebleemusic @MusiCares Do part of these proceeds go to #DomesticViolence After all,@calebleemusic recently released a video exploiting #domesticabuse terrifying video of the brutal killing of a woman.

Good thread. How do we as a society frame #domesticabuse and how many of these statements about “why don’t you leave” have you heard? In the end, #familycourt victimizes the women and children as much or more as the abuser & needs to change. #kilmerclassaction…

Marital rape occurs when your spouse forces you to take part in sex acts without your consent. #DomesticViolence #Abuse #DomesticAbuse #SexualAssault

Education plays a huge role in tackling #DomesticAbuse - both spotting the signs + educating every child +young person so they learn what a healthy relationship looks like + know there is support out there for them. Our job is to ensure that support IS there for child victims.

@KilmerLawSuit @FairParentingUK @coercivecontrol @safe_parents @onemomsbattle @IVATCenters Let me be clear - #DomesticViolence is unacceptable & should never be tolerated - #FalseAllegations is unacceptable & should never be tolerated NEITHER SHOULD BE REWARDED WITH CUSTODY OF A CHILD #ParentalAlienation is NOT #DomesticAbuse by the alienated parent in #FamilyCourt

4. So what do we do? I don't want to talk about the elephant in the room but we have to @LearningPru We need to work out what is behind the behaviour + so often it's stories of #DomesticAbuse Emma Listening to young people always lead to change. They need the chance to talk

1. Our panel this pm at #DACFestival on children as victims of #Domesticabuse in their own right raised crucial points about the impact on them + how we respond to their needs. @David_Challen @AltheaCribb Emma Bradshaw Roz Davidson Abby @acorns_project Here's a summary 🧵

🥺 Sorry 😔 second case of domestic abusive relationship have reported again.its a serous case.Please leave out these relationship it's very toxic.Anyone you know tried to get them professional help.#Trending #Trending2023 #TrendingNow #DomesticAbuse

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