Top Tweets for #EliminateTheFilibuster

@Jim_Jordan @JoeBiden So it was fine when McConnell rammed through three SCOTUS picks to serve your reactionary agenda, but it’s not when we want ensure every American has the right to vote. #EliminateTheFilibuster #VotingRightsNow

The GOP wants to take away the right to vote from Americans. And they couldn't be more proud of it. #EliminateTheFilibuster #VotingRightsNow #VoteBlue2022 #VoteThemAllOut2022

@SenWhitehouse corner manchin and sinema and breathe fire on them till they agree to #EliminateTheFilibuster and pass voting rights legislation

@SenatorSinema you know none of this matters if you don’t protect voting rights; the GOP will solidify single-party rule and then direct every penny into their corrupt pockets, preventing these dollars from helping communities. Unless you #EliminateTheFilibuster and pass voting rights

@ThePlumLineGS It preserves Minority rule when Democrats are in power. When Republicans are in power the Majority rules. Either way, Republicans rule if they are minority or majority.... So there is that. #eliminatethefilibuster

@maziehirono Yes! #EliminateTheFilibuster! Every day is like groundhog day. The same news, the same struggles, the same lack of progress. And the Republicans just continue passing bills to suppress the vote. I'm really worried about my country!

Pretty sure Republicans are not getting bipartisan support for all these draconian measures. #EliminateTheFilibuster #VotingRightsAct…

@maziehirono Does the Voting Right Bill value citizens votes like you value Manchin’s and Sinema’s vote to NOT #EliminateTheFilibuster ?

If we don't protect the right to vote, we won’t have a democracy—it’s that simple, that’s the reality. Since Republicans will not lift a finger to protect voting rights we have no option but to change the Senate rules. #EliminateTheFilibuster…

While Republicans do nothing to protect our freedom to vote in the face of mass voter suppression bills enacted across the country, we Democrats cannot sit back and let 2020 be the last free and fair election in this country. #EliminateTheFilibuster

The filibuster is about protecting white supremacy and corporate greed, which are not mutually exclusive. #EliminateTheFilibuster…

@KeithOlbermann @lisa33710 @MSNBC @SenatorSinema All the money in the world will never be enough to buy back her soul… she would have been there helping to beat John Lewis as he tried to cross the bridge…#EliminateTheFilibuster #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct #MLKDay2022

@JoeBiden then put your words to action and #EliminateTheFilibuster and #ExpandTheCourt so that the voting rights legislation that mitch has stalled can finally pass. actions speak louder than words mr. president. give us a reason to re-elect you and your party in 2022 and 2024!

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