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New from @jocelynstacey & me. All your #EmergenciesAct reform advice needs! Together for the first time! Under one cover! You're welcome! Manitoba Law Journal publishes special issue on Canada’s Emergencies Act…

The Section 2 standards of the CSIS Act are there for a reason prevent domestic political espionage. Though they don't mean exactly the same thing for CSIS as they do the elected Gov't and should be removed from the #emergenciesact…

Evisceration of the charter eh.... @JustinTrudeau did that with the #emergenciesact against peaceful protestors. It's nothing more than a rag with fancy words and symbols.…

@RebelNewsOnline Following the @liberal_party / @NDP guidlines, Have we not met the threshold to #evoke the #EmergenciesAct , They attacked our #democracy (nazi) , They hurt our #economy (india) , Allowed killers into #Canada (assassination) , #electioninterference . am I wrong?

🍁😴WAKE-UP! 🐽🤑🛢️🔥TRUTH WILL PREVAIL! @CanadianPM @theJagmeetSingh @PierrePoilievre #democracy🇨🇦#EmergenciesAct @fordnation 'Seek, hear, learn, love, speak, hold & defend the truth til death. J. Hus @TheBreachMedia @decolonialsol @leadnowca #GrassyNarrows #FreeGrassy

CANADA - When Justin Trudeau resigns, remember some of his 'evil' moments in power. Like having an eldery indigenous woman trampled by his war horses at an Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest. F*cking Prick🖕🏼 #EmergenciesAct #POEC #TruckersForFreedom2022 #TrudeauMustGo #BlackfaceHitler…

Any MP who stood up and seal-clapped like a moron for a Nazi needs to review every lie and deception they've been told since they were elected. They can start with #HateGate, the #FreedomConvoy and #EmergenciesAct

Now that it’s proven that Justin Trudeau & the Liberals in the HOC were cavorting with actual Nazis, can “we the people” invoke the #EmergenciesAct & seize any assets they have on the Hill, freeze their banks accounts, & line up their grandmas for a good horse-trampling?

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