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@baizouanon @edsblogtw1tter @jonnyRevv @GeorgiaPatrio12 @mtgreenee @RepVernonJones Fine. So voting for dems or just bitching when dems get in? I know some that just didnt vote because they didn't like Trump's tweets, now they get to feel partially responsible for #EmptyShelvesJoe

El 'hashtag' #EmptyShelvesJoe por el desabastecimiento en EE.UU. se vuelve tendencia en Twitter y la Administración Biden culpa a Trump - RT…

Build back better. Green new deal. How’s that working? Let’s go Brandon!! #fjb #emptyshelvesjoe…

【ジョー棚が空っぽだ】 アメリカ物流危機、#EmptyShelvesJoe がトレンド1位に…

LOGIC ✅ SCIENCE ✅ The amount of SHEEP SHIT I step in every day from grocery stores to department stores, bills and banks in between. I ALWAYS leave my shoes in the parking lot and go buy more! 😂😂😂😂 #BareShelvesBiden #EmptyShelvesJoe…

هاشتاق عن نقص المواد الغذائية في أمريكا بايدن جالسين يبهدلونه #EmptyShelvesJoe

BiDone @POTUS @BarackObama The gig's up, FYI. No one is listening 2 the 2 of U anymore. Every heard of FJB? Let's Go Brandon? In ITALIAN - lol. Gotta love Rome. #EmptyShelvesJoe U 2 suck ass, no pun intended. We all get ours in the end, and some will be just UGLY. Ooooweeee. 👿…

Newsflash for #EmptyShelvesJoe , most Mothers are working because they have to in order to afford things,,,… via @BreitbartNews

Anybodybreally think this deranged fool has any idea whats going on? #emptyshelvesjoe #BidensAmerica

Maternity leave is 6 weeks. Hire a nanny. Unprepared. Uninterested. Unlikable. Overpaid. $221k a year. WTH! VP makes $235k Administration = a bunch of no talent overpaid failures that have no clue what they are doing and we will suffer consequences. FJB #EmptyShelvesJoe

@JesseBWatters it’s not #EmptyShelvesJoe, it’s actually #EmptyShellJoe, the issue isn’t what shelves it’s who’s hand is making his mouth go open and shut. Also it’s not #WalkAwayJoe, it’s #StrollerJoe

Yeah Psaki, the stores are jam packed with people paying higher prices for empty shelves. Higher pricers = higher taxes for the purchase. GFY Psaki. #Fjb #letsgobrandon #EmptyShelvesJoe…

هاشتاق "رفوف المتاجر فارغة يا جو " ترند في امريكا #EmptyShelvesJoe…

@LovesBoerboels @SlayerWolf11 @blongshanks77 He told the truth, and he closed borders. 700k are dead from flu, car wrecks, cancer, lots of things they called Chyna flu, when it wasn’t. Joe lied and did NOTHING. Own it. #EmptyShelvesJoe

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