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@Expedia A5: I buy cheap flip-flops before I travel so I have to buy new, fancy ones when I get to my resort! 😉 #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️. Thanks for the fun chat! It’s the best way to spend a quick lunch hour #ExpediaChat

@Expedia Searching for coupon codes for travel websites and utilizing membership discounts when booking tours and accommodations. #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia Depends of the area… if it’s a stay at the hotel area then splurge on the accommodations. If your just going to lay your head down and sightsee then save and spurge on sightseeing. Same goes for hotel extras… #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia Haven’t had a fancy vacation yet but maybe winning a sweepstakes can help 😏 #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia Book a hotel within walking distance of great sites #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia FA. Just be sure of your priorities. Save your money for the things that are most important to you. #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia Would love to travel to other long distance countries and meet more diversity #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia Thank you always! Best tips. Advice. Fun! Happy traveling everyone. Be safe! #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

@Expedia I love taking the metro in cities with great accessibility #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

@Expedia So excited to travel more in 2021!! Good luck everyone! #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

@Expedia Thanks for the fun chat - got lots of great ideas! #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia See ya next time! Happy Thanksgiving! #ExpediaChat

@Tweetylrm @Expedia If you've never looked up free walking tours - they are the best, you get to see a lot and figure out what you want to go back to! #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

Thank you so much for joining us today! We love talking travel together. 🌏✨ Winner of the chat will be contacted via DM. See you next month for the next #ExpediaChat!

@Expedia thanks for having me for this chatty chat hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving. 🦃 #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

@Expedia FA: Walk as often as you can in place of taxis #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

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